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Lead Magnets You Might Not Know About

An E-book or a guide hits the mind when we think of lead magnets. These are quite popular because they do not require much effort, are easy to create, and most of all, people enjoy reading them. However, lead magnets are not just limited to the two mentioned above. There are many other lead magnets too which you can take into consideration.  


lead magnets reports

The detailed information on a subject is called a report. The reports are time-bound. For instance, 2021 report on the businesses adhering to digital marketing services. These are quite common and straightforward. This gated content form is most often used by marketers. The best part of the detailed reports is that the reports work really well in bringing leads. While writing a report, it is essential to keep it specific. DO not make it too long that the reader quits reading in the middle. Do not make it too short either. Focus on one topic at a time, and one specific buyer persona.   


If your prospects are looking forward to some tactical information, then provide them in the form of cheat sheets or handouts. These work well because they save a lot of time for the potential buyer. These are delivered in PDF format and have quite a different approach. Cheat sheets are usually one or two pages long. These are often presented as checklists, mind maps, and blueprints. Digital handouts and cheat sheets are specific, short, and up to the point. But make sure the content in handouts is useful and download-worthy. Give your buyer persona exactly what they want. So not cheat them by delivering anything less than you promise. 

Resource Lists and Toolkits 

These two make great lead magnets for the right buyer persona. This gives a piece of reference material that can be used over and over. This Lead Magnet can be a perfect choice for many businesses if you already have tools and resources available that you want to make sure your leads are aware of. 

Webinars or Videos  

Webinars or Videos

Videos are a highly engaging format. You can use the platform and create quite engaging content. People are more likely to see a video than reading text. So, this forms one of the most preferred lead magnets. If you think you are comfortable in front of the camera and you have the skill to teach, this could turn out to be the perfect lead magnets. 

Whether you give them a live webinar or offer videos, one thing is certain that you must provide them valuable information. Remember the potential lead will be there only to seek a solution. So, your offering must deliver the same. 

Free Trials 

There is no one who would not love free trials. The trials are one of the best strategies to offer as lead magnets. Take, for example, Netflix. They offer their potential buyers a one-month free trial. This is how they have grown their business to such heights to date. Free trials work because people like to try before they buy.   

Free Shipping and Discount 

People love discounts and free shipping. This is another effective lead magnet that helps in generating conversions. The biggest example id Myntra and other online stores. For a lot of people giving their email id is nothing too big in exchange for the discount or free shipping they would get. This lead magnet works the best for the businesses that deal in products. Remember to be able to make this lead magnet work, it is important to give significant discounts otherwise the lead magnet might not be that tempting.   

Surveys and Quiz 

Surveys and Quiz

In some businesses, quiz, and surveys play a very important role and also prove to be very effective. But this is possible only when the quiz or the survey is able to solve the issue of the potential buyer. The quiz is not just a fun activity but also gives in-depth insight on how many people like product/ service A and how many likes product/service B. Large-scale surveys are carried out to see the market reaction and also analyze the buyer behavior. To maximize your conversion rates, you can also opt for this type of lead magnet, present your prospects with the opt-in form after they complete the quiz. 

Assessment tests 

These are similar to the quiz, but are good for the companies that sell service and not the tangible product. Through this lead magnet, the prospects will not only be looking for answers but also expert opinion.  


These are also the gated content provided to the prospect only at an exchange of email id and other information. The whitepapers provide huge data on any topic that might not be available easily. The whitepapers give exclusive content and are really helpful for the people who like reading things form a new perspective.   To leverage the full potential of this lead magnet, it is important to create a downloadable report based on extensive research. Repurpose the content to write for a whitepaper and give a detailed report.  


These are also the best form of lead magnets because they help users streamline the process and save enough time. Besides, the templates finish the hassle to design the lead magnet from the scratch. One can create templates for anything like social media, emails, graphic designs, spreadsheets, etc. All you need to do is decide what your audience needs. Another best part of this lead magnet is that it is low-maintenance.  


The lead magnets have become an indispensable part of lead generation through landing pages. Miss any one element and your business can suffer a setback. Every step from creating a lead generation funnel, to building content, to making landing pages, every step requires a fine hand and experience to get better results. For that, you can even prefer outsourcing the lead generation work.  

Contact the team of the Big Unit and make the best of our services.  

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