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Increase not only business interaction but conversion!

Are you targeting the business market? Then LinkedIn marketing is definitely an opportunity for your organization to target your B2B market.

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Take Advantage of Largest Business Platform

Would you like to advertise on the largest B2B social platform? The channel focuses on companies successes are shared, new colleagues are introduced, and cases are discussed. Sometimes a call is made for someone who can help with a job

Via LinkedIn, you can really give a glimpse into your niche to a relevant target group. At The Big Unit, we know how to exceed with your business goals and grow your organization on the largest business network in the world with a powerful mix of sponsored content, InMail and display campaigns.

Generate Hot Leads Directly on LinkedIn! 

Do you want to generate more traffic or qualitative leads? Use LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

We design attractive campaign expressions and – together with our contacts at LinkedIn – set up campaigns with the right targeting for the right target group (and their influencers). LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms are pre-filled forms that can be completed by your target group without leaving LinkedIn. After launch, we analyze the campaigns to optimize targeting and ads, reduce costs and maximize your results.  

This ad form, therefore, converts immediately and provides valuable leads. Interesting for organizations whose objective is to generate business leads.

LinkedIn marketing Services in Melbourne

LinkedIn Advertising

Did you know? Every 7 out of 10 people on LinkedIn are likely to take business decisions when they find a match for their needs there. It’s clear from the statistics that that LinkedIn marketing works to get you 70% of prospects when done with the right approach.   

Putting your brand in front of industry people is what LinkedIn advertising excels at. By combining our expertise in the field of LinkedIn marketing with all customer and market information from you, we can together convert advertising traffic into leads, a substantial increase in brand awareness or generate a revenue increase through LinkedIn marketing services. You just have to use the power of advertising for your business by partnering with The Big Unit – your LinkedIn marketing agency in Melbourne.  

Your organization's target audience and objective are the foundation for campaign strategy on LinkedIn. Based on this, we formulate the right approach and message together with you, and we develop creative LinkedIn Ads. We research your target audience and their characteristics and set up specific campaigns for each persona that your organization has in mind.  

What will you get?

  • Increase website traffic and LinkedIn followers
  • Target the audience that has interest in business like yours
  • Reach the potential leads
  • Detailed reporting of metrics and results

Our LinkedIn marketing services follow these objectives as the stages from a prospect goes through.


From Strategy to Realization

LinkedIn is slightly different from most social platforms we know. LinkedIn has a business focus and is all about work, cases and career opportunities. In the first phase, we map out your target group and their requirements.


Measurable Results

Then, together with you, we determine the objectives that we want to achieve via LinkedIn. This includes gaining more followers, getting likes/reactions to your post, promoting a product/service or building brand awareness.


Lots of Experience with LinkedIn Ads

Through LinkedIn advertising, you can target company names, specific industries, skills of professionals and LinkedIn groups that your target audience is affiliated with. The specialists at The Big Unit are forerunners in the field of LinkedIn advertising.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

The best decision I made was enlist The Big Unit’s help for my company’s marketing strategy.  They really turned my business around by giving my social media a new look, creative and engaging new content increasing social media sales.  Absolutely amazing, continually exceeding all expectations! I would highly recommend this company.

Dj Randhawa

Property Consultant

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I cannot not recommend The Big Unit! The best digital marketing company thus far. They look after you and your business with clear focus and goals. They unquestionably have great knowledge and expertise on social media and online marketing. Trust me you will not regret contacting them. I loved working with The Big Unit!

Naval Aulakh

Director and OIEC

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Their lead generation programme is a killer. They have provided me with solid leads and a wide array of marketing support services for my mortgage broking business - all delivered to a very professional standard. All I can say give them a go!

Terry S

Financial Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to most asked questions from our customer! Have more queries, be easy to reach us.

How does LinkedIn marketing works?

Now you know, LinkedIn marketing is about creating a network, increasing connections, establishing business relationships, and generating prospects. How this actually works? You start sharing content, know the needs of people, help them solve their problems, and thus gain insights to reach out to your customers.  

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn doesn’t focus on sharing photos of dishes and crafts; rather, it is here where people come up for business-oriented information. Thus, with the mindset of sharing useful content for your potential customer, LinkedIn marketing ends up with creating relationships and generate prospects.

What exactly does LinkedIn marketing do for your business?

The short answer: reach your customers and help them reach you. Using LinkedIn marketing services, businesses gain brand awareness, traffic, and turnover. With the wide array of targeting options, you can reach out to a person, company, interest, and even jobs. With the start of LinkedIn learning (which provides courses for people), people are spending huge time on consuming valuable information.  

Unlike other social media channels, posts with business details are not a form of distraction; rather it's what people are looking for. Thus, you know that people will love to know about your business when they find you there.

Are LinkedIn ads worth it?

Until now, you have got a lot of information on how LinkedIn company accounts help you increase brand awareness. Want to expand the network to a more specific and targeted audience? LinkedIn ads are worth helping you. It’s a way to present yourself as an industry leader in your niche market. They are not only to build awareness and network but to help you get conversions.  

To make LinkedIn marketing work for you, we create ads funnels through which a customer journey is formulated and take your business to a profitable turnover. We’ll get to through the practice of what things need attention and how you reach your goals of LinkedIn marketing.

Why hire TBU for LinkedIn marketing services?

With the flood of companies establishing their presence on LinkedIn, it is unique work and extraordinary targeting skills that help companies reach their marketing goals. Our laser-made strategies won’t let your marketing dollars sink. We are not the kind of company that promise to deliver results but ends up with some likes and followers. Our conversion driven campaigns are designed to get you what you want, i.e., leads and sales.  

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