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Did you know that buying decision of 61% of customers is influenced by creative content?

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Explode Your Business Message Outside The Box

Instead of placing a hard-hitting sales shot on every conceivable channel, we move potential customers to form a bond with your brand. 

Give the customers what they need, and they will come back and engage with your content, your brand, and ultimately your product. Knowing for whom the content is intended and where people are looking for this content is the basis of a successful content strategy.  

The content you use on social media, blogs, or websites should be capable enough to solve the problems that your customers are facing. The Big Unit does this by adding value while offering the best Content marketing services in Melbourne, Australia.  

Our highly expert team put this on the right track by means of a brainstorming session, a concept strategy, and taking the entire process off your hands.    

Lacking in clarifying messages to your customers?

Are your customers confused? Storytelling is a method to lead and inspire. Who are you? What are you doing? How distinctive are you? Questions that can be conveyed to (potential) customers via storytelling. We are experts in responding to the feelings and emotions of your visitors.  

As your content marketing agency, we offer several opportunities during content creation to coordinate in order to bring out the voice tone of the organization wherever possible in the marketing communication. We ensure to help and inspire your target groups throughout the buyer journey. Our content marketing services in Melbourne make sure your is found easily.  

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Content Marketing Services

Our tales lead to sales!

Content Strategy

We formulate the goals, describe your target group and determine which channels and content types we will use for maximum impact.

SEO Writing

SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. You are better found in search when your customers choose to read your content more than your competitors.

Creative Storytelling

We help you stand out of the crowd by creating a clear and compelling message for your business . We ensure our content hits the mark for you and your customers.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

The best decision I made was enlist The Big Unit’s help for my company’s marketing strategy.  They really turned my business around by giving my social media a new look, creative and engaging new content increasing social media sales.  Absolutely amazing, continually exceeding all expectations! I would highly recommend this company.

Dj Randhawa

Property Consultant

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I cannot not recommend The Big Unit! The best digital marketing company thus far. They look after you and your business with clear focus and goals. They unquestionably have great knowledge and expertise on social media and online marketing. Trust me you will not regret contacting them. I loved working with The Big Unit!

Naval Aulakh

Director and OIEC

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Their lead generation programme is a killer. They have provided me with solid leads and a wide array of marketing support services for my mortgage broking business - all delivered to a very professional standard. All I can say give them a go!

Terry S

Financial Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

We don’t want your customers to be unclear, and so ours! Here are the most asked questions from our customers. If you have any other question, let us know, we are here to answer your queries. 

What is content marketing and its importance?

Content marketing is a way of sharing information about a business on different channels. It is an art through which we help our customers in finding solutions for their problems. Thus, our aim is to turn your customers into prospects.

Offering prospects and customers a helping hand in a relevant and attractive way without directly promoting your product or service is essentially the meaning of content marketing. You provide valuable information to help them make better choices or get more out of your product or service.

What is included in content marketing?

Content marketing is definitely not something new. What has made content marketing a highly targeted and effective marketing weapon in recent years is the online media that ensures that content can be found, shared through online channels: emails, social media, and search engines.  

In order to create a highly effective content marketing strategy, different forms of content are produced. This includes content for a website, blog posts, social media copywriting, videos, image creatives, and so on. Using different channels, we make sure our curated piece of content reaches the right audience and at the right time. In short, content marketing includes the strategy of content creation and distribution for maximum exposure and ROI.  

How does content marketing work? 

The actual motive of content marketing is to attract customers to take action that brings in ROI. Through our content marketing services in Melbourne, we help you in creating a connection with your customers.

Why should you choose TBU as your content marketing agency in Melbourne?

Why The Big Unit over other content marketing agencies? Simple, because we think differently. Most of the marketers follow the wrong approach of promoting the products through their content marketing. However, today’s consumers are intelligent. All they want is a solution to their problem. This is what The Big Unit excels at.  

Understanding human psychology plays a major role here. The strategic idea is that we do this consistently so that your organization will be seen as a reliable source of valuable information and not an annoying promotion. You instill trust, sympathy and gain authority. With our content marketing services in Melbourne, you will be rewarded with brand preference, loyalty, and word of mouth.  

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