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Did you know? A business earns an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. That means Google ads help to increase 50% of a business revenue when done strategically.     

Since being a PPC advertising model, you simply have to pay for those users who have been interested in your ad. We show your online ads to users through Google Ads at the ideal time and in which they are interested.   

Once you have decided to start advertising on Google Ads, we pay close attention to your products/services and the target group in the campaign. An effective PPC campaign takes relevance into account, among other things. As a PPC services company in Melbourne, The Big Unit work on finding the targeted keywords that lead to effective and profitable returns.   

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Results that drive ROI

We establish objectives, configure all campaign and ad settings, do landing page creation, and do the reports for you.

Tailor-made online ad campaigns

What are your wishes and goals? We map them, and based on that, we make a forecast and a proposal regarding your budget and strategy. Do you currently have an ad campaign? Then we can give you honest advice based on an extensive scan.

No visitors, No cost

The good thing about Google Ads? You only pay for the results, i.e., when someone visits your site, calls you, or clicks on your ad. The name itself defines: Pay Per Click (PPC)!

Reach the right people

People find your company on Google exactly when they search for the products or services you offer. Therefore, we target your ads for customers in specific regions. These can be countries, places, but also specifically a certain radius around your company or store.

Google PPC Services

Our Clear, Optimized, and Measurable Approach

Origin: We map out on which keywords the website was visited organically and paid.

Performance: Provide you with insight into the chosen keywords and the performance of these keywords.

Report: Report the current campaigns to our customers on a weekly and monthly basis is as important for us as for you.

Communication: We take the time to answer all your questions. After all, it is your campaign!

Drive Sales Through Our Google PPC Services

We look at the target group, the search terms, and which way of advertising suits a business the best. Thus, our PPC services company in Melbourne will depend on the auditing of your business to ensure you the expected results.

Searchable Google Ads

The Big Unit, as your Google PPC company, takes care of your needs, and we work for you to get on top of search results when users need your services.

Display Advertising

Your display ads will be shown if it appears that the visitor has already shown interest in your product or services.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Improve the ROI and increase the conversion of visitors who come or have already visited your website.

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The best decision I made was enlist The Big Unit’s help for my company’s marketing strategy.  They really turned my business around by giving my social media a new look, creative and engaging new content increasing social media sales.  Absolutely amazing, continually exceeding all expectations! I would highly recommend this company.

Dj Randhawa

Property Consultant

I cannot not recommend The Big Unit! The best digital marketing company thus far. They look after you and your business with clear focus and goals. They unquestionably have great knowledge and expertise on social media and online marketing. Trust me you will not regret contacting them. I loved working with The Big Unit!

Naval Aulakh

Director and OIEC

Their lead generation programme is a killer. They have provided me with solid leads and a wide array of marketing support services for my mortgage broking business - all delivered to a very professional standard. All I can say give them a go!

Terry S

Financial Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

Need more clearance on how PPC services work? We have answered all the common questions to help you out.

What do you mean by Google PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a form of advertising that brings your ad on top of Google, and you will have to pay only when a user clicks on the ad. The same method is used in any search engine advertising.   

The best part with Pay-Per-Click - the advertiser will only pay when there is actually an interaction with the ad. This can be a link to a web page, but also a phone number that immediately activates the phone app of a smartphone after clicking. With PPC advertisements, the advertiser, therefore, knows whether the user has performed an action.

PPC campaigns are created as per the goal of advertising, i.e., for brand awareness, increase traffic on the website, get leads.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

With both SEO and PPC, a website is targeted to show on top of search engine results. Through SEO, we increase the organic search traffic, i.e., it will generate results without costs but takes a long time. PPC (pay per click) refers to the search traffic we pay to drive traffic to your website.   

An example of paid search traffic is Google Ads. You then bid on keywords through a kind of auction, and it shows the ad on top of the search results (provided you have bid enough). You then pay the amount you bid for each click on your ad link, hence the name Pay Per Click.  

A common misconception is that Google Ads improves your SEO. PPC is a shortcut to a high ranking on the search results page (SERP) but does not improve SEO.

How effective is PPC advertising for a business?

More than half of website traffic starts with a top search on Google. Pay Per Click helps to show the website to the audience who search for the relevant keywords.   

This valuable way of advertising can provide a direct source of targeted traffic to the website, create brand awareness and contribute to the ultimate revenue growth. You are essentially buying relevant website traffic. The idea is simple: make a good offer, get a top position, and potential customers see your company first. Thus, it helps to increase the revenue of your business.

Why choose TBU as your PPC service company in Melbourne?

Because we do everything differently to generate you ROI. Our figures of happy clients and their 200% growth in revenue says it all. Unlike other PPC services companies in Melbourne, we don’t waste your market budget on useless campaigns and zero-conversion ads. Our PPC experts understand the whole advertising model to the depth. This offers unparalleled possibilities to fine-tune, optimize and adapt your campaigns very quickly to changes in the market and/or changes in your target group. Thus, we work to maximize your return on investment!  

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