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It’s More Effective Than You Think! 

Through our Facebook marketing, we generate leads for businesses and help them make revenue.

One Channel to Reach Billions

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users worldwide and 12 million are in Australia itself. So, if you have a business that is not growing any further, do not give up! Instead, contact The Big Unit, the best Social Media Marketing Company, Melbourne.   

Marketing through Facebook gives your business:  

  • Enormous Reach 
  • Relatively low-cost marketing 
  • Multiple form of engagement
  • Audience Transparency 
  • Variety of ad formats
  • Direct traffic to your website

Choosing the right strategy is the key to successful Facebook marketing. To know what is right and what will work for your business, contact the best Facebook Advertising Agency Melbourne, the Big Unit, and see how your business reaches from zero to one.

How We Do It? 

Our team of social media experts will create a professional Facebook page – an online marketing channel/ tool.   

The Facebook channel/ page gives the visitors a platform to interact with you, stay updated with your products and services and create a wide network.    

Facebook has an audience of all age groups which makes it an excellent platform to reach the right target audience, promote services and bring just the best. Not just this, the interaction through Facebook generates more traffic to your business website.  

At The Big Unit, our social media night raiders create highly competitive social media strategies, give tough competition to other market players, bring in countless leads and generate revenue.

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Benefits Of Facebook Advertising 

Our Social Media Advertising Company in Melbourne specializes in the creation, management, and optimization of Facebook Ads campaigns. 

Let your business take advantage of everything that Facebook advertising offers you on the world's largest social media network: 

  • Wide reach, with millions of daily active users.
  • Unlimited Targeting Potential: Advertising campaigns on Facebook target different customers using different lifestyles, interests, geographic location, and demographics. 
  • Low Advertising Cost: Facebook Advertising campaigns generally offer lower CPC costs than other online channels, and it is quite possible to achieve good results with much lower investments than in other traditional media.
  • Advertising campaigns promote viral marketing campaign through “Word of Mouth” - a strong marketing tool. 
  • Interactive Advertising: Advertising through Facebook helps customers to interact, ask queries, if any, and communicate in real-time.


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Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to what our customers asked. If you want to know anything about Facebook marketing services? Just contact us.

What is Facebook marketing?

Promoting business, its services and products through Facebook is called Facebook Marketing.  

It allows your customers to contact directly either through messages, social media posts, comments, suggestions or feedback.  

How to use Facebook as a marketing tool?

Make a business Facebook Page. Let people follow the page, join professional Facebook groups, adopt Facebook Marketing service for smooth interaction and to bring more sales.    

At The Big Unit, the best social media marketing company in Melbourne, our professional marketers ensure that your interaction has a higher visibility and brand awareness of the company. It does not matter whether you sell a high or low involvement product. Look at the cars. No one orders cars through Facebook or any social media channel but seekers definitely search for the product they want on social media. They look into the reviews and other customer interactions. So, if you want to show your brand to an interested group of people if you want your message to get noticed – Facebook Marketing is the one-stop solution.


What are Facebook ads used for?

When you want to reach out to a larger audience, Facebook ads will be an excellent solution. The best part of Facebook ads is that you pay only for the clicks received, or for impressions, downloads or the final results.  

Facebook advertising is done to get:  

  • Quality traffic to your website. 

  • Increase followers of your brand. 

  • Promote events and offers. 

  • Promote publications. 

  • Get conversions or sales on the website.   

  • Get leads from Facebook. 

Why choose TBU for Facebook marketing services?

Our Facebook marketing services do not just give you likes or followers. Our team knows the strategies that definitely convert your clicks into leads and sales.    

What stands us apart? We don’t just believe in posting images. Our team of social media managers uses the appropriate marketing modality for your type of client, looking for the ideal audience. The main goal is to get the most out of your marketing budget to generate ROI. 

You will periodically receive summary reports on the evolution of your company and the fulfilment of essential objectives and metrics. So that you know at all times the profitability of our work and make decisions. The reports would be legible and easily understandable. 

When hiring our Facebook Marketing Service, we will assign you a personal consultant who will keep you in the loop about the work we do, as well keep you updated about its optimization and improvement of results over time. Just call us for a FREE consultation. 

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