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How to Shoot Up Your Lead Generation with Content Upgrades? 

Many online businesses struggle with attracting high-quality leads. Even if you have a large email list, how would you identify that your leads are qualified or where do they fall in the sales funnel? 

A lead-generation form on a landing page will help you in collecting email addresses of the potential clients.  

However, a targeted form of lead generation like content upgrades can help you in attracting not just leads, but also win over better-quality prospects. 

An email list that has names of people who will never buy from you will be of no value.  

When you create content, you probably know that you should target your blog content to specific buyers’ persona. You might also be aware that free downloads i.e., lead magnets can help you in building an email list.  
But what if you combine lead generation with content upgrades that save you time, money and a lot of headaches? Wondering how does such a process.  

Define Content Upgrades 

A content upgrade is a piece of content that you offer as a bonus in exchange for their email addresses. This is a lot like a lead magnet.  

Content Upgrades 

It is just a little more specific. 

PPC to cold calls. Using the content to generate leads can be an integral part of the strategy. 

Just take an example: 

You write a long blog post. Instead of publishing the entire thing on your blog like usual, you add an opt-in form on the post and invite readers to provide their email addresses so that they can unlock the rest of the content.  

Why is Content Upgrade Better Than Standard Lead-Gen Form? 

Content upgrades sound familiar to the lead magnets but there is a catch. A lead magnet is pretty generic. Lead magnets are created for the entire audience.  

For example, if you visit a website and you are right away presented with a popup.  

However, the lead magnet consists of recipes, special offers, and some attractive incentives. But you will see that it is not specific.  

Just take the example of a digital photography school. You get free weekly tips and tutorials when you sign up. 

In the case of content upgrades, you can get specific on the blog posts. You can also use the same content upgrade for multiple posts as long as they are intended for the same audience.  

Let us say that you want to add a content upgrade or you want an expandable content, then you will have to be very specific about the content you would want to upgrade. That would include the following:  

  • Scripts and templates. 
  • A case study.  
  • An audio recording of the post itself. 

What Content Upgrades Should You Create? 

There are a lot of content upgrades that you can use. Before you settle on the type, though, consider the answers to these following three questions: 

  • Where is your reader in the sales funnel? 
  • What pain point or problem is the reader facing? 
  • What information does the article cover? 

Let us look at an example. 

Maybe you are targeting potential buyers at the bottom of the sales funnel who are ready to take action.  

You can create a content upgrade in this regard which will help you in using your product and service effectively.    

Likewise, if the buyer is at the top of the sales funnel, you might want to use an informational content upgrade, while buyers in the middle of the sales funnel might appreciate a comparison worksheet. 

Here are some of the most common and useful content upgrades. 

Continued Content 

Listicles are great for content upgrades because they allow you to simply continue with the article. 

You can create a content upgrade that includes 12 more examples for the audience. Readers can also get those 12 extras by providing their email addresses. 

After posting the upgrade, you can add a teaser to the title like 12 Overlooked Content Marketing Strategies which will Boost the Growth.  

In this way, your audience will know that there is something special about the post. 


content writing Checklists

People like checklists as they make life simpler and more organized. 

Maybe you can write a detailed tutorial on your blog. Include a checklist as a content upgrade so your readers do not skip any steps while replicating the process. 

Video or Audio Transcripts 

Some people prefer reading content to listening or watching. If you have created a blog post with a video or audio component, offer the transcript as an upgrade to the content.  

It sounds the opposite of what we have always been told, especially the younger consumers like to keep hearing the video and audio than reading the text.   


Yes, people still print out documents, whether they are at home or in the office. We have not actually gone totally digital yet. 

Some types of content work better than others.  

You can also offer printable quotes, reminders and other documents that can help your audience. 


These can be of great help if your brand is based on education, regardless of the topic. Readers are able to test their knowledge. 

Maybe you run a web development company, so you can teach your audience how to use small snippets of code. You can even create a worksheet that invites users to create their own code based on the instructions. 

Then, in addition to the worksheet, you can provide the answers in a separate document or even link them to the answers from the worksheet itself. 

Case Studies 

Case Studies for content

People love a good case study as it validates a theory and shows how it worked for a person or a brand. 

Use a case study to profile something you have done or you have talked about another brand. In the latter case, you will need access to that brand’s result and data.  


The lead generation strategy does not have to revolve around a single-landing page. The reality is it shouldn’t.   

Through content upgrades, you can boost your conversion rates by converting qualified and interested leads.    

Why? Because the content upgrades are specific and targeted than the generic lead magnets. Content upgrades are a bonus to a blog, or an article. Readers can access the information just by providing their phone number.  

You just have to make sure that every upgrade serves a very specific purpose. So, just keep your buyer persona in mind and make sure you know where do the intended audience falls in the sales funnel. 

Key Takeaways: 

Here are some options that you can use for content upgrades: 

  • Continued content 
  • Checklists 
  • Cheat sheets 
  • Video or audio transcripts 
  • Printables 
  • Worksheets 
  • Case studies 
  • Formulas 
  • Scripts 
  • PDFs 

Try different content upgrades and also put them to A/B test and see what works.  

Taking care of content and generating lead magnets are all the tasks handled by experts because they are well versed in their job and of course, experience speaks for results. Managing content on a daily basis for your business will not be easy especially when there are a lot of tiny things to take care of. If you are looking for someone to manage your content online, contact the Big Unit, the best digital marketing company in Dandenong.

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