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Frequently asked questions

What is SEO audit, and how is it done?

An SEO audit is an investigation into the current performance of a website in the field of SEO. Conducting such an audit helps you map out what is going as planned and what is not. This naturally results in a nice list of action points that can give your site a good boost.   

Google is getting smarter and smarter and taking more and more details into account when crawling and indexing online content. According to Backlinko, there are now as many as 200 factors that are included in this ranking process. Think of small details in the structure and layout of the text, the placement of links and the amount and placement of certain words.   

The better you get at finding and improving all these details, the more often your website will be viewed.  

How long does an SEO Audit take?

The short answer is- it depends on the website. For a webshop, we have to check all the front-end and back-end pages with their navigation links, product pages, and backlinks. While for a local business site, the pages are limited, and the work is done faster.  

You may hear it far too often: 'SEO specialists' who throw your domain into a tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs and print out an automated report. Then your own logo is popped over it, and your 'audit' is ready. We don’t provide those automated reports; rather, we do all the work manually, considering all the technical and non-technical factors.  

We are certainly a fan of SEMrush, but to do a good site analysis with concrete points for improvement, there is also a lot of manual work involved. A good SEO audit agency knows which points cannot be obtained from a tool. After having a look at your website, we’ll give you the estimated time it would take for an SEO audit.  

Why is SEO Audit important?

As Neil Patel says, SEO is a race and to win this race, you’ll have to overtake your competitors. Thus, an SEO audit is essential to rank a website. Without auditing, we think that the entire website is perfectly optimized, but it is not.   

For example, at a webshop site, we saw that Google spent 80% of its time sifting through unimportant filter pages. This directly affects the speed of the website, crawling the important pages, and also reduces user experience. So, you see, there can always be major (technical) problems that you are not aware of. That is why we always start with an SEO audit for every customer.  

A thorough SEO audit results in: 

  • Constant flow of free organic traffic  
  • An edge over your competitors  
  • Better positions on relevant keywords  

Why choose TBU for SEO Audit Services in Melbourne?

Because there are so many aspects to the success of SEO, it is almost impossible to perform an audit manually without complete knowledge. Luckily you have us. At The Big Unit, we have a team of SEO in which SEO Audits are done by specialists who are expert in predicting all the important SEO factors.  

We don't want to throw an audit over the threshold and say: find it out, good luck with it! Part of our report is to ensure that you can really get started and that you will dominate the search engines. We make a clear overview of all to-do's and give them a priority score. This way, you know what the most important points are that will have the most impact. Moreover, we offer on-time FREE SEO audit for our new customers that would help them know the shortcomings and points of improvement. Just schedule your free call today!