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Leads and sales for business in your dreams? Our effective email marketing campaigns ensure converting your business prospects into true customers.

Generate 80% of Your Income Through Effective Emails

Clarifying your business through communication is the key to success. You must know this, but how would you actually convey your message to the right people? The answer is, through an effective email marketing plan. 

Do you know that email marketing can be a source of 80% of your income?  

Email Marketing has positioned itself as the most used direct marketing tool since it has a series of advantages that differentiate it from postal mail or telemarketingUsing a successful online marketing strategy means that you can no longer do without a full-funnel marketing strategy. In order to effectively address your target group (s), it is important for you to communicate the right message at the right time (customer journey) via the right marketing channel.

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By deploying the campaigns in an innovative and strategic way, more (potential) customers can be informed about your product or service through Email Marketing. This can ultimately result in more conversions to your website.

The Big Unit, offering the best email marketing services in Melbourne, helps organizations in achieving goals through an effective online marketing strategy. We do this by using the right communication, accurate timings, and effective online marketing channels.  

We use advanced tools to carry out direct email marketing advertising campaigns through mass mailing. Following this, we transmit to your clients the necessary information in a direct, effective, and economical way by means of emails.

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Email Marketing Funnel That Outgrows!

One of the keys to successful campaigns is customer segmentation and using tools that allow us to contact them so as to offer them personalized products or services. At The Big Unit, what we want is to establish personalized relationships of your business with your clients.

With the segmentation process, we work to identify and analyze the profile of each group of consumers who may be interested in the value proposition. Then we target them to convert into leads and increase sales.

We manage your email marketing campaigns through specialized tools such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, etc. This management ranges from the creation and creativity of newsletters, market segmentation, migration of contacts to lists, creation, and analysis of campaigns, dashboards to measure results and control statistics.

Our Email Marketing Services in Melbourne Include:

  • Targets group communication
  • Can be deployed quickly and flexibly
  • Is transparent, measurable and adjustable based on data
  • Relatively low range costs
  • Easy AB testing of content
  • Automation options
  • Full ownership of communication
  • Fast way to create awareness
  • Effective form for remarketing

Achieving Your Business Goals With Full Funnel Email Marketing Strategy

Defining your goal is as important as planning. Once we define our strategy, we define the target, the content, and the delivery time. Following are the three points we focus on.


Increases the awareness of your brand within your target list.


Increases the list of prospects by attracting new users.


Increases leadstherefore sales.


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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to most asked questions from our customer! Have more queries, be easy to reach us.

How email marketing works?

Email marketing is the best way to reach out to the people who already know you. You visited a site and leave your email in return of a free e-book or offer. This is how emails are collected that helps to further reach to the site visitors and let them know about services of a business. Email marketing tools are used to send the emails to potential customers.  

One of the main reasons to include email marketing in your marketing plans is because you can completely rely on this marketing method for brand awareness and also sales.

How effective is email marketing?

Undoubtedly, email marketing targets the people who have the maximum chance of becoming your customers as compared to other marketing methods. While most marketers are not capable of doing email marketing in the right way, our testing have proved that it is one of the biggest sources for generating sales.

While some marketing companies misguide people saying email marketing is dead, just remember, grapes are sour anyways! Email marketing is a skill that needs creativity and strategy. Those who can’t achieve results spread such misconceptions. Email marketing is less time taking than other marketing techniques such as SEO or social media marketing. You have the prospects list, and you convince them to use your service and they become your customer.

Why use email marketing for your business?

The biggest reason – 92% of internet users possess one or more email addresses. We can’t deny the fact that people use emails for all of their online accounts thus access at least one email account. Email marketing, thus, proves to be a method to reach the people directly in their inbox.

Suppose you are just using social media for your business marketing, and suddenly one day the platform downs for a long time or changes its complete algorithm of page reach; you will become helpless. With email marketing, you at least have an email list of genuine people who you can outreach.  

All the small business and big companies use email marketing whether it’s an online platform, small business, or even marketing leaders such as Zomato, Neil Patel or Gary Vee. When used wisely, email marketing has been proved to be a greater source of income for business.

Why choose TBU for email marketing services in Melbourne?

When talking about marketing, the focus is common – sales and ROI. With our 100% sales-driven email campaigns, we utilize the list of your prospects to bring you ROI.  

Most of the marketers fail in their email marketing campaigns, because they don't know how to exactly use this in order to get results. We are not those  

Our marketing experts know exactly how to use the emails in catch the attraction of people and converting them from prospects to customers.

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