“Show on social media who you are!”

An important question, do your target customers know you? No? Show what your company stands for with an organic social media campaign!

Social platforms lend themselves to allow customers following a tailor-made customer journey. The many contact moments and high engagement fits in well for building a warm contact with your target group. Storytelling is a method to be leading and inspiring. Who are you? What are you doing? How distinctive are you? Questions that can be conveyed to (potential) customers via storytelling.

We offer several opportunities during creation to coordinate in order to bring out the voice tone of the organization as well as possibly in the marketing communication.

Organic Social Media marketing focuses on the profiling of your company. How do you come across to your target audience? With an organic social media reach, you build on the brand image and stimulate customer loyalty. Our marketers are young, creative, and brought up with all the necessary knowledge. Through this, you can be sure that you get the most out of these platforms.

Reach The Right Target Group

The strength of social media is that the different channels have a large amount of data, which means that a wealth of targeting options are available to reach the right target group.

Collecting likes on Facebook aimlessly never leads to growth, and a sponsored post without proper targeting is a waste of the budget. Our marketers provide visitors that benefit you! This way, you send targeted traffic to the right page. We combine it with killer SEO content and distribute it through your platforms. Following this, we help you bring all channels together!

What do we bring through our social media marketing efforts?

  • Most targeted visitors will lead to your website;
  • Your customers will get more and more useful information;
  • We connect your target group to your brand, creating loyal fans;
  • Search positions in Google increase due to the optimal use of social media networks.
  • Direct bookings and purchases of your products or services.

Our Targeted social media channels include:

Facebook marketing

Posts that contribute, campaigns that score. With more than 80,000 target group options, you reach exactly the right target group via Facebook.

Instagram marketing

We love it! Your Instagram feed is the showcase for your product or service, an extension of your website!

LinkedIn marketing

Expand your business network, reach professionals, collect new leads or find the ideal applicant. It is possible via LinkedIn.

YouTube marketing

We help you get started with YouTube marketing! Advertise with the content that your target audience is viewing.

Pinterest marketing

Share your inspiration and reach 459 million active people with Pinterest marketing.

Social Ads

In addition to producing or assessing creative material, we also think critically about the campaign, the website, and other factors that can influence the image of your company during the social marketing process.

People often forget that social media also entails tough performance. But that performance does not come without data.

We experiment, implement and optimize what works. Thus, you can immediately take steps towards conversions. We create and run social ads that lead to positive results.

Do you have trouble using social media for your organization? Need advice from the best social media marketing agency in Melbourne? Contact us for immediate quotations.