Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Taking your marketing to the next level!

Invested in a highly designed website but doesn’t receive any fruit from work? You need to improve the findability of your website in the search engine results.

Everyone wants a higher position in Google, right? The Big Unit will take you there.

SEO is a combination of different disciplines, namely: relevant links, powerful content, and technical factors on the website. When these three pillars are perfectly aligned, they reinforce each other. Betting on one of the three can pay off, but the search engine will only really reward you when all parts have been sufficiently collected. 

Turn ON Your SEO Power!  

But what is the power of SEO? Easy; By structuring the website, you optimize for both the user and the search engine. The time for keyword density is over. Now it is the customer’s turn. Is your website structured in such a way that both a customer and a robot fully understand it? Don’t worry; we work on that too

How We Rank You To The Top?  

That’s the chef’s secret. We can lift a small tip of the veil: we start by optimizing everything on the page (also called On-Page). After this, we continue the process with activities outside the website that mainly affect the authority (also known as Off-Page). Turning on everything indiscriminately makes no sense because there must be structure behind it. Each route is therefore unique. After all, no website is the same. 

Strategy To Reach The Right Audience 

Reaching the right audience needs the right strategy. The Big Unit takes care of everything for you: our marketers are self-thinking, smart, and creative. This way, you can lean back while everything runs smoothly. Would you rather be more involved in the project? Our team members will keep you in the loop and inform you with proper reports.

What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization? 

  • Transparent, measure & adjust on dataHigher positions in the search results
  • Attracting quality visitors
  • Reaching in-market target groups
  • Brand awareness is on the rise
  • No advertisement costs
  • Reliability of your website increases

So, your business website will reach top positions in the search engine in the ideal world without any paid advertisement costs.

For your SEO needs, schedule a call with us today with a ZERO consultation fee.