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Let’s start with a common question: Why Instagram? Consider yourself, how much time do you spend on Instagram a day? Don’t you check brands and business when scrolling through your feed? Did you feel like checking the accounts that pop in front of you when you check out on your friends and their stories? Now you got the point, right? 

Instagram is to win the hearts of the audience. People do remember the businesses they checked on Instagram. The best part? With billions of active users on Instagram, you won’t have to bother about finding your target group of audience. Young, old, and even kids, everyone is fond of Instagram and its extraordinary features.

Instagram marketing services at The Big Unit supercharge your potential audience with its compelling brand growth strategies. Our game plan does not limit just to increase the likes and followers but to generate you ROI.

Multiply your followers, Shoot up your sales

If we dig a little deeper into the concept of Instagram marketing, a number of questions quickly arise. First of all, how do you use Instagram as a marketing tool, and how can you sell something through Instagram? What steps can you take to become popular on Instagram? 

You don't necessarily start with using Instagram for selling/promoting products, but more as a channel to create interaction between your company and your customers. But...Instagram marketing is not a play of a child. Only posting something will not get you customers.  

You want your customers to get a certain feeling about your brand, then don't just post your products. An important part of using Instagram as a marketing tool is, of course, the content you place on your account. It is always smart to try out things you find interesting and look at the reactions of your followers. This is where The Big Unit, as our Instagram marketing agency, do the work. Our creative approaches won’t just attract your audience but convert your followers into customers

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Increase the Possibilities with Instagram Advertising

Instagram marketing has many possibilities. With the regular posting of content on Instagram, you can already create a lot of organic reach. Do you really want to grow on Instagram? Then it's time to start advertising. Just like on Facebook, it is possible to bring sponsored content and stories to the attention of specific target groups. Because Instagram, like Facebook, has countless advertising options, it can be quite a challenge for someone without knowledge. The creative team at The Big Unit covers you up.

Which options achieve the best results differs per customer and per goal. We are well aware of your user’s interest. It is therefore important that you can rely on a partner with experience in this field. Our revenue-driven advertising campaigns are created to return you 200 per cent on your spending. The smarter you use the ads, the better they work for ROI!


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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to most asked questions from our customer! Have more queries, be easy to reach us.

What do you mean by Instagram marketing?

Promoting a business on Instagram refers to Instagram marketing. You see business posts, stories, products, and sponsored ads, that's all Instagram marketing!

Instagram marketing isn’t limited to feed as most of the social channels. If offers so many things for users that they don’t feel like leaving the platform even after minutes or probably longer hours. So, what’s that interests your audience? Check out:

Photos and Photos: No doubt, Instagram is a visual communication platform. Photos mean you can post one, two or upto 10 in a simple post (commonly known as carousel).

Instagram TV: Do your audience love watching videos? We can show your potential through IGTV videos.

Reels: Who doesn’t like watching reels? Instagram gained a huge fan club just in a month of releasing Reels in 2020. These short 15-second videos are amazing to showcase your brand at the best.

Stories: Not to be mentioned, stories are the first thing we check out when opening the Instagram app. With interactive options in stories, we let people know your business, and you know their needs. Amazing, isn’t it?

Products: Apart from just the fun, the Instagram platform is now popular for shopping too. So, if you have products that you can sell online, Instagram offers a wonderful opportunity.

Why should we use Instagram for marketing?

The best answer to why you should use Instagram marketing could be one, i.e., visual content. Just think of seeing a piece of content in two different posts – one is text, and the other one is the photo. What would you like to check, and which would you read? Of course, it would be a photo. Why? Because human psychology says that we like to interact more with images as compared to reading plain text.  

Instagram is a platform where you can interact with various creative formats – single photos, carousel, videos, polls, and more. Thus, it is very easy to understand the interest of your target audience and make them visualize your service as the best suit for them.

How successful is marketing on Instagram?

Instagram is a marketing tool that you don't want to ignore. Research says that Instagram has the highest engagement rate as compared to other social channels, which is about 60 per cent. People like to interact with feed and stories on Instagram. No less than 80% of Instagram users follow a company page. So, it's time to add your company page to this too!  

Instead of walking past store windows, everyone now carefree scrolls through their Instagram feeds. Does an image or video grab our attention? Then we like to click through to a company page where, if set up correctly, a feed is waiting for us in which a collection of products and/or services can be seen or where a brand story is showcased. Thus, the platform is impeccable to be used for marketing.

How to start with Instagram Marketing?

Instagram works in a marketing mix. You will not earn huge dollars by just posting the photos. This is where we are a step ahead of other marketing companies. Our Instagram marketing strategies are designed in a way to leverage each feature of the platform to grab the attention of your customers. From bio to feed and story highlights, we have the best practices for everything. Our tailor-made strategies will help you with this. Want to know how? Just schedule your no-obligation call for FREE, and our niche expert will guide you.

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