Are you waiting for your clients to come to your business? Well, 75% of them are online.
Don’t understand? Let us explain!
Whether you are looking for a way to kick start a new business, or get some clients for losing business, or even if you want to expand your current business, you can reach your target clients through online medium.
Nowadays, most of your consumers are using Google and social media platforms to find a business for their needs, this making it a crucial need for every business to establish their presence.
At The Big Unit, we translate your objectives into an online marketing strategy and then implement it to achieve good results. With a team of specialists, we are committed every day to create online presence of your business and get the maximum return from our digital marketing campaigns.
How we do that? By combining the enthusiasm and experience of our web developers and digital marketers with data and (the latest) techniques.


We create and develop your online presence on website and social media channels.


We market and advertise your business through various digital marketing techniques.


We deliver  the best outputs from our online marketing efforts.

We are Traffic.
An integrated brand communications agency focused on making brands more formidable and profitable through our internationally recognised Traffic Brand Process.


Lead Generation

What is the actual motive of your marketing? Correct, generating leads to get more customers. At Big Unit, we completely understand the concerns of your business needs, thus work to translate our strategy into data driven plan. Our experts are experienced in identifying the right group of audience and targeting them to become your potential customers. Starting from collecting leads to nurturing them, evaluating the sales process to finally converting them into customers is all what we specialize in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our goal of SEO: free traffic to your website. Search engine optimization ensures that you will conquer top positions in Google and keep it in the future. Optimizing a website for search engines starts with the right information structure, good technology and then the right authority. The latter means: the more status your website has, the better it scores.

Social Media Management (SMM)

There are more and more social media platforms introducing these days. Each platform has its own capabilities, purposes and limitations. The Big Unit helps you create the right advice for implementing the right marketing practices. Following this, your end customer can reach you through the most suitable channel with our effective social media marketing services

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct way of shout-out to your target audience. The one who needs your service can contact your directly through and thus become your customer. At The Big Unit, we are convinced that by sending the right e-mail campaigns to the right target group, with the right message, we help businesses reach new and existing customers very directly

Pay Per Click (PPC) 

By advertising in search engines, you are guaranteed to be at the top of the results on the keywords that rank best for your business. But that has its price. We build and optimize campaigns, for different channels, so that they are profitable and offers you maximum return on your spend! Pay Per Click campaigns is a perfect way to convert your audience into customers in the minimum time.

Website Design/ Development

A well-designed website is the basis of your ‘online presence’. We have committed ourselves to making a website more than a business card, because every website must yield in direct money. That is why a service like web development is important. What’s better than people who connect to you by themselves just by finding you when they need your business? Isn’t



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We create and develop your online presence on website and social media channels.


We market and advertise your business through various digital marketing techniques.


We deliver the best outputs from our online marketing efforts.