“The powerful weapon to communicate and sell!”

Clarifying your business through communication is the key to success. You must know this, but how would you actually convey your message to the right people? Simple, it’s through an effective email marketing plan.

Do you know that email marketing can be a source of 80% of your income?

Email Marketing has positioned itself as the most used direct marketing tool since it has a series of advantages that differentiate it from postal mail or telemarketing.

Using a successful online marketing strategy means that you can no longer do without a full-funnel marketing strategy. In order to effectively address your target group (s), it is important that you communicate the right message at the right time (customer journey) via the right marketing channel.

The Big Unit, as an Email Marketing Agency in Melbourne, helps organizations to achieve goals through an effective online marketing strategy. We do this by using the right communication, the right timing, and effective online marketing channels.

We use advanced tools to carry out direct email marketing advertising campaigns through mass mailing. We transmit to your clients the necessary information in a direct, effective, and economical way by means of email.

By deploying the campaigns in an innovative and strategic way, more (potential) customers can be informed about your product or service through Email Marketing. This can ultimately result in more conversions to your website.

Why Choose Email Marketing Services For Your Business?

  • Targeted group communication;
  • Can be deployed quickly and flexibly;
  • Transparent; measurable & adjustable based on data;
  • Relatively low range costs;
  • Easy AB testing of content;
  • Automation options;
  • Full ownership of communication;
  • Fast way to create awareness;
  • Effective form for remarketing

Achieving Your Business Goals With Full Funnel Email Marketing Strategy

Just as important as defining your goals is having good planning. Once we have defined our strategy, we have to define the target, the content, and the delivery time. Following are the three points we focus on.


Increase the awareness of your brand.


Increase the list by attracting new users.


Increase in sales.

At The Big Unit, we manage your email marketing campaigns through specialized tools such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, etc. This management ranges from the creation and creativity of newsletters, market segmentation, migration of contacts to lists, creation, and analysis of campaigns, dashboards to measure results and control statistics.

One of the keys to success for our campaigns is customer segmentation and having tools that allow us to contact them according to their characteristics in order to offer them personalized products or services. At The Big Unit, what we want is for you to establish personalized relationships with your clients.

With the segmentation process, we work to identify and analyze the profile of each group of consumers who may be interested in the value proposition and thus targeting them to convert into leads and increase sales.

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