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Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the new form of marketing. It has become the need of the hour for all businesses. Many small and large-scale business owners may have undervalued the power of digital marketing up until now. But, all thanks to the Pandemic, now businesses are reaching out to the digital platforms. With the spread of coronavirus, business operations around the world came to a sudden halt. Real estate was no exception. However, despite challenges, the real estate agents kept the business ball rolling.       

During lockdown, real estate agents continued to serve their clients. They helped them in finalizing the deals. Properties were sold and bought during the lockdown and hereby, impossible was made possible. All thanks to COVID-19 and the digital platforms.        

Throughout the lockdown, realtors managed to stay in touch with their clients and continued their business. For instance, real estate owners offered virtual house viewings to the would-be buyers and closed the property deals.         

Finally, real estate agents emerged as superheroes and guided the potential buyers, and sellers. Moreover, they updated them with the right information on the position of real estate in the market. Not only this, all of this was done with the help of social media, calls, texts, and interactions.       


do you know

About 94% buyers had browsed realestate.com.au.  

According to the Digital 2021 global report, 98% of the Australian internet users reach out to conventional search engines. It means, over 1 in 3 internet users turned to social media platforms.      

The figures show that the audience is already there on social media. But still, most of the real estate agents are not able to leverage its full potential.     

In order to get the best results, it is important for realtors to understand the benefits of the real estate marketing.    

Real Estate Marketing Drives Traffic, Brings in Leads     

Real Estate Marketing Drives Traffic, Brings in Leads

The content has the potential to go VIRAL! Such is the power of social media. Social media platforms if used judiciously with the best marketing tools can drive insane traffic on your domain portal. It is visual, interactive and has the potential to simulate interest in the viewers. Also, people share information that adds value to their lives. Social media is the platform where people tend to reach to search for homes and properties. However, this platform may not provide you direct sales, but will definitely bring in leads.   

Builds Powerful Reputation     

Builds Powerful Reputation in real estate

If you are a real estate agent in Australia, do you know how well known are you and how powerful your real estate brand is?  

I am sure many of you might not be aware. To clarify, I would say that word-of-mouth may help your brand to grow to some extent. But it might not be powerful enough to break geographical barriers. To maintain a powerful reputation, it is important for you as a realtor to make the best use of the social media platforms. With the help of attractive images, videos, and graphics; you can create a powerful impact on the minds of your audience.       

Long-Term Customer Relation      

Automated and Streamlined Interaction

Every step, right from listing a property to closing the deal can be carried out with a click. Considering the fact that the home buyer’s journey can be an average of 27 months there is a chance for the realtors to establish a long-term relationship. 

Online presence of your brand gives your client a fair chance to reach out to you during the consideration phase. Consequently, you get an opportunity to nurture that relationship and turn it into a sale. This is possible without having to fight or compete in the physical market space.      

Automated and Streamlined Interaction 

Digital marketing saves a lot of time as information can be send and received in few clicks. In fact, the entire process of sharing content, sending information can be automated. Through emails, a real estate agent is able to invite customers to subscribe to the emails, newsletters of the company.     

A monthly or a weekly subscription shows your client’s willingness to know more about your company and the services you offer. Not only this, email offers personalized interaction and is considered the best marketing tool for realtors. To make the process easier and effective, real estate agents can automate, schedule, and streamline the entire process.     

Real-Time Statistics and Analytics  

Real-Time Statistics and Analytics

Through digital marketing, real estate agents can see how they are performing on social media channels. Digital marketing brings in transparency. With the help of Google analytics, real estate business owners can see the actual statistics and figures. Keeping a track on the performance will help in adjusting digital media strategy.        

Pocket-Friendly Marketing Tools     

Pocket-Friendly digital Marketing Tools for real estate marketing

It is the involvement of huge amount of money that scares people. Right? But let me reveal the truth – This happens in the case of traditional marketing that involves promotions through hoardings, billboards, print ads, and TV ads.     

Digital marketing tools like SEO, blogging, social media marketing, etc. are budget-friendly and have the potential to get you high ROI. Through blogging, real estate agents can reach their potential customers. They also provide relevant content. For instance, a guide to buying and selling a home in Australia, is one of the topics on which you can educate your customers.      

Real estate marketing will prove to be beneficial only if you provide engaging content. This is possible only with the help of top real estate marketing strategies.      

Great online marketing strategies have a lot to offer to the entire real estate industry. It provides a business an added value that too at a lower cost.      

Today almost every real estate agent is there on social media. However, not all are able to stand out or make an impact. This is because they are unable to leverage the power and potential of the digital platforms. To make the best use of online platforms, you may need help of a real estate marketing professional.      

For all kinds of digital marketing services, contact the Big Unit, the top real estate marketing company in Australia and transform your company’s digital presence.   

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