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What is Digital Marketing and How Does it Work?

Gone are the days when businesses were operated and marketed using the traditional means i.e., through print media, radio, and television. Today, the way businesses communicate their message to the mass audience has got a revolution.  

Now, the entrepreneurs are able to send across their purpose and connect with the audience in no time. This is possible through strong digital marketing. Now, every business, small or big is adhering to digital marketing strategies. But unfortunately, not all businesses succeed and get to connect with a large audience. This is also because not every business entrepreneur exactly knows about digital marketing and the way it works.  

So, let us first understand the concept of digital marketing.  

What is Digital Marketing?  

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting the products and services of a business by using digital platforms.   

In simple words, digital marketing is the form of marketing that is carried using social media platforms. But now, it is not just limited to the online platforms like Facebook, twitter, or Instagram; rather it has paved it way into the people’s life through other ways like emails, content writing, and so on.  

Now, let us go deep into the concept and understand what all goes into it.   

Types of Digital Marketing   

Types of Digital Marketing

All those who have smart phones and laptops, must have experienced digital marketing. A mail in your inbox, an advertisement popping, a text message, or even a post by your favorite Instagram blogger; all these are different forms of marketing. This does not stop here. Digital marketing is an expansive field and has got more into it. Here are the forms of marketing:  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

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This is one of the most important forms of marketing. It is with the help of strong SEO tools; a business can find itself online and rank higher on the google search. The longer the website ranks higher, the more are the chances for the business to earn ROI.   

Social Media Ads  

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Ads that are on the social media platforms are the paid ads. For instance, the ads that you see on the SERP’s when you search anything on Google are the paid search ads. The advertisers create such ads and compete with others to rank higher and get a top position on the social media platforms.   

Email Marketing

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Any promotion that is occurring through the emails is known as social media marketing. Now, email marketing is not only about communicating through newsletters. It has widened its approach and now every interaction that is related to marketing fits into this category.   

Content Marketing

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When content is used to promote the product or service, that is referred to as content marketing. It involves the following; blogging, articles, videos, eBooks, whitepapers, and infographics.    

Besides the above, other types of digital marketing includes, designing, mobile marketing, SMS, growth hacking, and marketing automation.   

The businesses around the globe are switching to the use of digital marketing. It is done by using the technology which is now all pervasive.  

The business entrepreneurs are now jumping onto the use of digital marketing techniques all because of the benefits it offers.  

Cost Involved is Low  

Compared to the traditional marketing, the cost involved in the digital marketing is less. The big brands and the established businesses may afford the traditional methods to promote their products, but for the small businesses and even the start-ups to make their mark, digital marketing would prove to be the best option, for it is affordable to the pocket yet creates a larger impact on the audience in very less time. By spending just few bucks, you can afford reaching to people through emails, Instagram, and other social media platforms.   

High Return on Investment   

High Return on Investment

Nothing else would matter to a business other than the high return on investment? This is what digital marketing brings to the businesses. Without having to invest a lot, the businesses are able to earn huge profits through emails, online ads, etc.  

Wider Reach  

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to tap on the wider audience and create a brand’s presence worldwide. It breaks all the geographical barriers and brings everyone together. Because of the immense benefits that it offers, about 70% of the businesses have shifted their focus from traditional to digital marketing. Now, let us see how actually the digital marketing works.  

How Does Digital Marketing Work?  

As we know by now that there are a lot of benefits of digital marketing, we must also know how each of the form of digital marketing works. Since there are a lot of forms, businesses and the large companies must also know which form of marketing would suit the best for their brand. The brands should look into the broader picture to access the benefits and choose the platform on which they would market their product and invest in.  

How Does Digital Marketing Work

Safe to say that it is recommended to crawl before walk or run. Starting small with your online marketing strategy and growing gradually as the company gets accustomed to different platforms is the key to boost the growth of the business digitally.   

Other than this, digital marketing platforms and the strategies allows the companies and the business owners to market their product to the right target audience, which means one can reach the perfect clientele on a local, national or even at the international level, all by staying on a set budget.  

Since the digital marketing has penetrated in all businesses, irrespective of the niche, it has become an essential part to run the business smoothly and stay firm in the cut-throat competition.   



If you are a business entrepreneur and are struggling to fit and place your foot firmly on the digital platforms, then you must reach out to the digital marketing consultants. The experts in the field will guide you throughout the process and by using their smart and unique digital marketing strategies, they will rank your business higher. So, if you also want your business to grow faster and make a mark, contact the experts at the Big Unit, the best digital marketing agency in melbourne. The team of experts through their proven and result-oriented digital marketing strategies will help you stand out and connect widely. 

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