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Type of Content You Should Use in Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails come into the role after you know that your leads are doing well. But, again to nurture the leads, you would need strong content. Unfortunately, this is the point at which many businesses struggle and fail to hold on to the existing leads for long term.  

This happens in two situations; when you neither have time to create content nor have ideas to nurture the leads. This is the common issue with the businesses especially when they use inbound marketing. 

Well, this blog will take away all your confusions as we are here to solve your problem. Here are some of the steps you can take to create content to use in lead nurturing emails.  

Create Segments 

At this point, you probably would have enough leads but they are not buying. So, you need to nurture them. The best way is by email segmentation. It means you have to segment your audience. Do not just keep sending the same emails to all the subscribers. Create categories and place subscribers accordingly. For instance, you can categorize according to the following; Lead vs present customers. Learn their online behaviour and prepare the lead nurturing email. If you have got leads, see what they have subscribed you for? E-book, whitepaper, or something else. Segment. Similarly, for current customers, see what they have signed up for? Information on any product or service or what. Segment accordingly. Even if you have one-time customers, segment and create different lead nurturing email for them. Make them feel that they are also a valuable part of your brand. Keep them engaged and stay in touch with them. You cannot write effective lead nurturing email campaigns without segmentation. If you do not create segments, it will be like pulling together a whole company of people. Your messages should be tailored according to the needs and requirement of your audience.  

Use Variety 

Your emails should not only be limited to self-promotion. No one would like to know how big your brand or company is. Initial few mails can be fine, but flooding the inbox of your potential leads and current customers can be detrimental. Use different email formats and content. For example, sent informational emails, fun emails, product launch emails, and so on. While you do this, make sure you segment these as per the requirement. Do not send emails blindly.   

Personalize the Message 

No one would ever open your email if the content is copy-pasted. The whole idea of email marketing is to generate leads. If you do not personalize the email, the recipient feels out of touch and disconnected. Use the name of the subscriber and send the emails.  

Use A Polite and Humble Tone 

Be polite with your message. Show it to the recipient that they are an important part of your brand. Send thank-you emails every time they shop from your brand or visit your website. This can only be possible if you keep a track of your subscribers’ online behaviour.  

These are just some of the techniques. To more about it, you can read the blog on email lead generation techniques .

Now, let us look into the type of content you must use to nurture the leads.  

Use Downloadable Content 

This is the content that can give your potential and the current customers some valuable information. Conduct an audit of such content. What is content audit? It is the process of creating a list of all of your downloadable assets and categorizing them according to the content type and where they exist in the buyers’ journey. All those who will be in the decision phase will definitely download the content. So, if you are preparing lead nurturing emails for those customers who are on the decision phase, this content will work the best.  

Email Campaigns  

Other type of content can be through the email campaigns. But before running any such campaign, you must understand the goal. You need to know which of the subscribers are in the awareness stage and which are in the consideration phase. Once you track the success of your workflow, it gets easy to determine the success metrics. 

Product Offers, Discounts  

For lead nurturing emails, you may need content based on the exciting offers and discounts. Based on the stage your potential lead is, you must push such emails to generate sales leads. Also, while offering discounts, you can also make them aware of the future discounts and offers. This is how you keep your leads in touch, develop excitement, and build long-term relationships.  

Content as per the buyer’s journey 

Awareness Phase 

If your user is in awareness phase, they are still looking for the information. So, create a list of more educational resources like blogs, webinars, audios, videos, news-based blogs, and so on. 

Consideration Phase  

In the consideration stage, a visitor typically compares the vendors. So, provide the content that highlights the benefits, solutions of the product or services you offer. For this, you can provide content based on product/solutions, overview of products, video testimonials, case studies, comparison sheets, press releases, and news. 

Decision Stage 

In this stage, the prospects try to figure out exactly what it would take to be a customer. This is the phase where you have to delight them with free trials, demo, consultation offers, discounts, coupon, etc. 

If you are still unaware of what your prospects are looking for, then you may have a hard time creating content for them. To make the process easy, it is suggested to create personas.  

Pay more attention to challenges, goals, and objections that are common with your personas. Once you establish your personas, you can develop the content that proves to be the most relevant to personas.  


Do not forget the thumb rule – Keep it short and sweet. No one would like to read email with long boring texts. Include a short introduction in which you can target the personas, and highlight meaningful content that you think they will like. Write in bullet points. Include links so that they can read more, and then close it with a strong Call-To-Action. 

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