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Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies – A boon in Post-COVID Era 

The pandemic took a toll on the business around the globe. It affected the decision-making of the people who were to buy or sell a home. Many people lost their jobs and decided to downsize their homes. A significant number of people also showed interest in upsizing the home in order to accommodate the need to work from home with the kids by their side. Many also brought a halt to their decision of selling or buying and adopted a wait-and-see attitude.  

In the middle of all this, real estate agents came up and worked to their best to serve their existing and potential clients. How? Through the optimum use of technology, and social media platforms. Although they have been using these for a long time now, the recent shutdown in Australia has pushed them to completely rely on them. It is even safe to say that the most successful real estate agents have made their fortunes by squeezing the best out of the digital media platforms.  

By embracing new technologies and blending the new and old-fashioned customer service, real estate agents are making it to the top of the industry.  

To help you stand out and outshine the competition, we have identified the top real estate marketing strategies that the real estate agents use. Let us have a look on what they are: 

Focus on Serving not Selling 

Building long-term relationships with the vendors, buyers have become the top priority. This is done with the help of continuous engagement, and primarily by following the digital marketing and lead generation funnel. Buyers and sellers look for information that would help them make great real estate decisions. It has been seen that the top real estate agents have been offering them updates, news, on the real estate market conditions. For instance, sharing updates on the properties listed, sold amid lockdown, tips to sell a home faster, points to keep in mind while buying a home, etc.  

Positioning yourself as the one who cares and have a solution to the issues is the most important to develop long-term relations than generating sales. This builds reputation, and you are able to turn visitors into leads.  By using the best digital marketing practices, you can make this happen. 

Shifting to New Technology through real estate digital marketing 

This shift from traditional to digital buying and selling a home is the major need of the hour. Moving from magazine ads, newspaper ads to the social media ads like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Can prove to be the best decision as these platforms help in the generation of real estate leads. The blog on real estate lead generation through social media will give you a deep insight on the same. Virtual home tours have become a new trend, in fact, a necessity, and the scenario suggests that these are here to stay. Real estate agents use smartphones to make videos, give updates. But to amplify them, it takes smart and proven digital marketing strategies to bring success in real estate. 

From Open Houses to 3D Walkthroughs 

Pre-recorded video tours were working up until the spread of COVID- 19. Now, a little upgradation has happened – it’s the virtual tours, also known as 3D walkthroughs. When open houses were cancelled in Australia. The real estate agents transitioned their way through technology and kept their business ball rolling.  

Professional Images and Videos 

If your real estate website still contains pre-COVID content, you are likely to lose clients. Your professional website is the hub where your visitors will get to know more about you. Your listings, the homes sold so far, etc. So, make sure that your website contains latest information and offers something of value to the customers.  

All the above strategies have proven to have changed the fate of the real estate agents. But here’s a thing! The above strategies will only work when these are backed by strong real estate digital marketing strategies. To understand the digital marketing recipe for success in real estate, Read this blog Digital marketing recipe for success in real estate.

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