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Things You Should Never Ignore For Effective Content Writing 

Let the truth be told! Content writing is not a child’s play. It is difficult and requires skill learning.  

However, at the same time, it is said that content writing is the type of marketing method mostly used by 98% of the surveyed marketing team.  

Here the question arises, is every data available on the internet doing great? The answer is no. One in three marketers admit that their content is not up-to-the-mark. It means that there is considerable amount of data available that is not doing so great.  

I will take you through the reasons why is it not doing good and what makes the content so great.  

Catchy Headlines 

Whenever you write a copy, create a headline that is easy to understand, explains the context of the rest of the content and most important, hooks the reader. Boring headlines fails to attract reader’s attention. 

Catchy Headlines in effective content marketing

You headlines have the power to do heavy lifting. A strong headline is the one that provides information, connects with the reader and at the same time, stops readers to tell a story. 

Of course, the length of the headline matters but words play a major role too. For instance, the headlines that start with “The Ultimate Guide, or Things You Need to Know” are more likely to get attention, shares, and likes.  

An Interesting Intro  

Your headline has done its job if the reader clicks ahead and reads the content ahead. It shows that he/she is interested in the subject. Now what is your role here? Persuade them through an interesting intro. Here you can present a shocking fact, or anything that the reader may not have known before. If your intro does not grab the attention then don’t expect them to stick around your content. The best way is not to beat about the bush and come directly to the answer.  

Keeping Your Audience In Mind  

Keeping Your Audience In Mind

You may write anything but keeping your target audience in mind will help you get clarity. Write for a smaller segment first and then think of broadening the prospective. For example, you can first write on digital marketing for real estate than writing on digital marketing for businesses on the whole.  

Building A Narrow Focus 

By this we mean to decide on the topic that focus on one aspect only. This is to have a single clear idea right from the beginning to an end. Unless you are writing for a pillar page, keep your focus tight. For instance, instead of writing on how to improve marketing, be specific and write on how to improve social media marketing. By narrowing your focus, you will be providing real value to the content and the reader will get what they are looking for.  

Developing Your Own Style, and Tone 

You can have third party reference for facts and stats but copying will do no good. Write in your own style and follow the same throughout the blogs. The big brands stand out because they are unique and have out-of-the-box ideas. Build your own tone, write in the similar manner.       

Giving Statistics, And Figures 

Giving Statistics and Figures 

Writing a plain text will create boredom. If you want to make your content interesting, state some facts and figures. Take them from the authentic sources like government sites, mainstream media sources, high-profile brand’s case studies, etc. Mentioning facts and stats not only builds trust, but also brings in more traffic.  

Preparing An Outline 

Once you have gathered facts, conducted research on what readers want, next step is to prepare a structure. Why should you create an outline? Because it will help you from getting lost. You will stay on the track and write well-structured blogs.  

Adding Value To The Reader 

Your reader will reach your website only to find something informational and of value. If they do not get what they are looking for, they will jump onto the next link. You would never want that right? So, keep all of the above steps in mind while writing a blog post.    

Do Not Forget The Keywords Ever! 

Even though I am highlighting the importance of keywords at last in this blog, you do not move like this. After deciding the topic, search for the keywords. Look for primary, secondary keywords. Keeping these in mind, write the blog and never ever forget placing them at the right position. Without appropriate keywords, your content will not stand anywhere. Keep SEO in mind, for it offers traffic, drives conversions, and gives long-lasting results. 


A great content is the one that has a mix of everything mentioned above. It starts with defining your audience. If you do not understand your audience, you really cannot write a compelling copy. 

However, if you are a business owner and are looking forward to creating content, contact the Big Unit, the best content marketing agency in Australia. Content creation is not difficult but what a professional content writer can do, others may not be able to deliver. So, it is suggested to outsource the work to a digital marketing company.     

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