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Strategies to Amplify Your Real Estate Social Media Campaigns 

The right real estate agent would know that the data matters. But people remember lifestyle over the listing descriptions.    

The house with the good bones may work wonders. But the one with the curb appeal will attract more people immediately.    

Updating your customers with the right amount of information never goes wrong. But people only act upon the properties that leaves a memorable story and paints a vivid picture.   

All of the above is achieved through top digital marketing strategies. The online marketing strategies help real estate agents in reaching out to their potential buyers. They are able to get leads, earn revenue and above all, build a strong and wide network.    

Before we move ahead, I would want you to ask yourself a question!   

Do my real estate campaigns include infotainment i.e., the blend of information and entertainment?  

The posts which are laden with a lot of information is likely to lose attention because people use social media to get entertained and to seek information. If the information fails to engage, your customers will not take a second to make a shift and here you might lose the battle.   

HOOK the Visitor   

The idea is to make the visitor stay on your social media platform. The real estate campaign should be so effective that the customer ends up clicking the link to your business website. Now the effectiveness of your campaign will be determined by using advance digital media strategies.    

Through the use of top digital marketing strategies, real estate agents will be able to amplify their campaign on omni media platforms.    

Now let us see the ways to enhancing the appeal of real estate social media campaigns.    

First Promote the Town Then Your Home  

Make your town talk of the town!   

Before buying the property, people carry out a thorough appraisal, and conduct inceptions. They ask for the location, locality and the town. Primarily, it is always the location that people first look into. Then they decide onto buying home. So, talk about the town first and then about the property. Talk about its demographics, and pros and cons. Many cities have their social media handles. To amplify the campaign, tag the respective town and the city on the social media platform. Make the tone conversational and personalized.   

Share, Comment and Keep Talking   

Social media allows two-way communication so there is no point initiating a monologue. The one who thinks a monologue is effective is the only one who delivers it. People only hook up to the videos that allows them to interact and also gives them relevant information. So, ramp up your digital marketing campaigns with interactive sessions. Ask your customers to share and comment. Add useful comments to local blogs. Join the community, local groups on Facebook, Instagram and keep yourself updated with the trends. Interact and engage with the locals through comments section. Add posts continuously, share video tours, ask questions, and encourage the visitors to comment on the posts. Remember being on social media is not enough. One should know what to do and what not to miss to create an impact. Read blog what social media strategies most real estate agents are not following.

Start a Podcast    

Start a Podcast

Selling and buying a home is not a child’s play. It can be daunting and confusing for your clients if they do not have enough knowledge on the subject. Also, there is no denying the fact that majority people out there would know nothing about real estate. Here your role as a real estate agent jumps in. Besides donning several other hats, it is also your duty to educate your customers. Engage them through informative audios and podcasts. Offer easy video tutorials and connect with your audience through latest news, and updates. Through videos, you are able to market yourself and your brand becomes a valuable resource. Remember, the videos are specifically targeted to the non-readers who search for the practical information that reduces their stress, gives them the clarity, and saves their time. The real estate agent who offers smart advice to the people is always remembered.      

Tell a Story and Connect    

People connect with engaging stories. Post stories and interact on Instagram. Use stickers and make the posts interesting. People will only recognize you and your posts if you will have something to offer. History and the facts always leave people open-eyed. Develop stories around the history of the property, share interesting facts about the property’s owner. Use local and general hashtags to get recognized.    

Be a real estate agent who enjoys to be a part of the community. Show it on social media platforms and amplify the message. If you feel lost and are unable to decide the best real estate social media campaign, delegate this task to the Big Unit, the top real estate marketing company in Australia. 

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