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Social Media Strategies Most Real Estate Agents Are Not Aware Of

Social media platforms can prove to be the ultimate gold mine for real estate agents. Name a successful real estate agent and you would know he/she made a fortune through social media. By leveraging the true potential of top social media platforms, many real estate agents have made to the top.     

Fair to say that real estate agents who have made it to the top are capitalizing on their smart real estate marketing strategies. Safe to say that successful real estate agents make the best use of social media. They use it judiciously at every stage; right from listing, to even after closing the deal.     

Moreover, if we go by the figures, around 80% of the home buyers are reaching to social media to look for homes. Also, 74% of the real estate agents admit that they neither have knowledge nor time to handle their social media accounts.   

However, the figures above prove that real estate agents are on their mark to win the social media game. Not just this, most Australians look for properties on internet.   

Now, we have both the parties on the social media ground; audience and real estate agents. But that is not enough. Mere presence on social media channels will not help you stand out. Intensive digital marketing for real estate agents is needed.       

The situation says that you have a ball in your court but you are unable to make a goal. You have the customers but you don’t have the right social media strategy.    

Now, let us see where most of the real estate agents are lagging.    

Commitment and Consistency 

As mentioned above, building online presence is not enough. Running social media accounts with commitment and consistency are needed. The real estate agents who have maintained this virtue are successful. Also, posting once or twice a week will not do the justice. Remember your customers are already there online. They will come up to your website and search for the real estate content. Failing to show up every day on social media will hamper your growth. Not just this, you may even lose your present customers. So, stay committed and consistent.     

Hitting the Right Social Media Platform  

Today there are multiple social media channels. Every media differs from each other – in terms of relevance, target audience, and the usage. It is imperative for real estate agents to understand the right channel to market their brand. Choose the top social media platform for business and unlock all the secrets for success.     

If we go by statistics, globally, Facebook remains the world’s most widely used social media network. But now there are 6 social media networks which claim more than one billion monthly active users each.

As per the Digital Australia 2021 report, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are still the most popular platforms for the internet users.

If we go by the aforesaid data, many real estate agents might not be promoting their business on these platforms. Even if they do, they might not be proactive enough.     

To understand the right platform, and to use it to its full potential, you would require right real estate social media strategy. If you do not want to feel lost in the analytics of how social media works, reach out to the team of the Big Unit, the best digital marketing agency in melbourne Australia.   

A Clear, Informative Message  

This is what the top real estate agents like, Damien Cooley, luxury real estate agent Drew Davis, and others do like a pro. They put out a clear, informative, and relevant message on their social media handles. Besides, they connect with their audiences. For digital marketing strategy to stand out, simplify the message and connect with the audience.     

Professional Expertise and Personal Authenticity    

Show your audience what you have in terms of knowledge and expertise. Put out the right information on your social media account. For instance, you can give a pro tip on real estate using the right hashtags. Make it interesting and eye-catchy. Put testimonials and feedback to add value to your brand. Allow your clients to connect with you and give you an honest review. By using the blend of property tips and right real estate marketing strategy, you can showcase both the professional expertise and authenticity.     

Building Buyer’s Database     

Recent trends show that the successful real estate agents are now shifting their focus. Not only this, they are now looking at the ways to market listings than to attract vendors. Marketing the business on the top social media channels can benefit in two ways: it provides property exposure to the potential buyers, and builds a buyer database.     

Human Touch and Real-World Content    

Real Estate is real and so are you!  

Show the world that you are real. Your likes, dislikes in terms of property and real estate are similar to the interest of your customers. Be Human – social media needs personal touch which means you should share information about your staff, agency, and even about your happy customers. Being highly professional can make you boring. Moreover, this is what the customers do not want from your business. Avoid boredom, build trust and reputation. Real world content will help in strengthening both the elements.     

To get crazy traffic, and to earn leads, you may require in-depth knowledge and expertise. Also, without mastering these two arts, it may get difficult for real estate agents to top the chart in a competitive market.     

So, if you are looking forward to unique real estate marketing, jump to our next blog; ways to amplify your real estate social media campaigns.

Also, feel free to contact the experts at the Big Unit, the best real estate marketing agency in Australia. We specialize in search engine optimization, social media, email marketing and much more. Head to our services page and choose from the plethora of our services. 

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