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SEO Checklist To Create A Successful SEO Strategy For Your Business

Whether you want to rank in the top position of search engine results page (SERPs), improve organic revenue, or increase organic traffic, it is necessary to create an effective SEO strategy to achieve your business goals. So, what is the first step in SEO?  

In this guide, we will tell you the secret of creating an effective SEO strategy in 2021 step by step. All these SEO strategies help to grow organic visitors every month. Sounds interesting? Let’s read this in detail: –  

What Is An SEO Strategy  

SEO strategy is the process of planning, optimizing and creating your website to make it user-friendly so that your website can rank better in search results. A good SEO means that you are deriving organic traffic directly to your website. Check out these steps that will help you to create a fruitful strategy that sets you up for business.  

1. Create A List Of Keywords

Every small thing in SEO goes around keywords, and this is the only reason why keyword research is essential. Basically, it is the first step in SEO. There are many keywords research tools available such as Ubersuggest, Ahref’s, SEMrush, Moz etc., where you can find keywords related to your niche. Just type any keyword, and you will get the list of suggestions. Some keywords research tools are free, while some are paid. If your budget is low and you can’t buy the keyword research tools, just search the term on Google, and you will get the keyword suggestions that people searched the most. This way, you will know what people are actually searching. 

Did you know long-tail keywords are less competitive and have good search volume as compared to short-tail keywords? This type of keyword can easily rank in search results.  

2. Analyze Google’s First Page   

Now your keyword research is finished. The next step is to analyze Google’s first page. Type your keyword on Google, and you will get the list of top 10 results on the first page. Analyze every topic and note down the points why they are ranking in the top 10. Then it’s time to write your unique content and beat your competitors.  

3. Create Something Unique & Better

Create Something Unique & Better seo strategy

In digital marketing, high-quality content is important. Let’s talk about SEO content, where you will get two options, create something different or create something better. You might be thinking, what is the difference between different and better content? Have a look: –  


Sometimes you have to create something better and more significant to beat your competitors. If you search something on digital marketing services, you will notice that Google’s first page is full of digital marketing agencies. Now you have to do is to create a bigger list of SEO strategies.  

For Example: Top 20 Effective SEO Strategies To Drive Organic Traffic  

However, this would not work as much as you expected. Hence, you have to create something unique and different.   

For Example: The Complete Guide To SEO Strategies For Business Growth   

This strategy not only helps to drive organic traffic on your website but also your content will rank on Google’s first Page and you will get more shares, backlinks and comments.   


You just have just to publish content that is better than your competitors. Before starting any content, just analyze your competitors first.   

4. Add A “Hook”   

Want to improve your search engine rankings? For this, you need to build high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are still counted on the Google ranking factor. However, you need to build backlinks with extra edge and quality. Here the big question is how can you create high-quality backlinks? Well, you need to analyze why people link to specific pieces of content in your industry. Then add that hook in your content.   

Another hook that is working these days is “Ultimate Guides”. When you published your content with an ultimate guide, here, “the ultimate guide” is the hook. Let’s clear this statement with example.  

For Example: An Ultimate Guide of SEO and its Benefits  

5. Optimize On-Page SEO  

optimize one page seo one part of seo strategy

This step is all about keyword optimizing your content for SEO. Many things included in On-Page SEO. If you want to learn more about SEO, this blog may help you: –  

(Insert the link of SEO Blog) 

In 2021, there are three main on-page SEO techniques that you have to improve.   

Internal Linking  

Maybe it’s an old method, but it works. So internal linking is important if you do it in the right way. Just link high authority web pages to those pages that need authority. Don’t forget to use rich anchor text while doing internal linking. It’s just that simple!!  

Short Keyword Rich URL’s  

According to SEO, short URLs are better than long URL’s. Just add keywords on your URL’s and make them shorter. Remember one thing, use your targeted keyword on your URL.  

For Example: SEO-checklist  

Semantic SEO  

Now is the time to optimize your content for correct SEO. In simple terms, just find words that are related to your targeted keywords and then add them into your content.   

Example 1: Write your keyword on Google, and you will get other keyword suggestions and phrases related to your topic.  

Example 2: Another way to find keywords is, scroll down to the searches related to your phrase. Pick some of those keywords and add in your content.   

6. Update Your Old Content  

This strategy is still working. Update your old content and make it new. Just remove the old pictures, screenshots and add new strategies and hacks. Also, delete all the old techniques that would not work anymore. This way, you will get more organic traffic.   

7. Build Links To Your Page 

Build Links To Your Page on part of seo strategy

When your new content is published, it’s time to build links to your content. Follow these link-building strategies that work amazing in 2021.  

Broken Link Building   

Do you know you can find a broken link on your competitor’s website? And offer your content as a replacement. Just send an email with a good message.   

Please Note: Don’t ask them to link back to you. If your blog is good, they will be happy to add your link.  

Competitor Analysis  

Again, this strategy is old, but still, it works great. All you have to do is find a ranking website for a keyword you want to rank for.  

For Example: If you want to rank SEO services, you will get a list of various SEO services on Google’s first page. With the help of Ahref tool or any kind of tool, just check out their backlinks, and you will know that this page has links from 150+ domains. Check out all the links one by one to find the pages where your link would add value. 

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