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Reasons Your Landing Page May Not Be Converting 

Enough has been said and advised on creating perfect landing pages. Creating a landing page is not a rocket science but making sure the landing page brings in conversions can certainly be daunting.  

Let’s take a scenario in consideration. For instance, your paid ads are going well, people are visiting, you are getting a lot of traffic, tons of clicks, but the conversion rate is low.  

You figure out that people are visiting your landing page but they are hardly taking any action. You know the cause but you may not know the solution. Do not worry, we will tell you what can be done to rectify the issue. 

“The landing pages are the ones that speak directly to the people. Designed with an aim to solve their issues, these pages help in bringing leads and conversions.” 

If your landing page is not performing as per your set objective, then there are certain things that might be missing out. Let us see what all those can be: 

“We don’t trust you,” says visitors 

Building trust is one of the major components of getting conversions. Why would a stranger give you their email id, phone number, or any other information? You need to show the visitors that you are trustworthy.  

trust you says visitors 

How to fix it? 

Add testimonials, feedback, and reviews from the clients. Test and video testimonials are powerful tools to build trust and long-term relationships.  

Social proof should be credible! 

Your landing page talks to the humans. So, speak in the language they would understand.  

Show empathy – use the copy that proves your potential customers that you understand how they feel.  

Landing Page Sinks With Lot Of Links 

A landing page with lots of links may confuse the visitor. Do not treat your landing page as Wikipedia.  

Remove the following, if you have these in abundance. 

  • Multiple Call-to-Actions 
  • In-line links 

Do not create confusion in the mind of visitors. They are there on your landing page to get some clarity. If your landing page confuses them, they are bound to leave half-way.  

This is the graph of hick’s law. It shows that with increase in number of options, the responding time also exceeds. 

How to fix it? 

Just one offer at a time. One offer means one goal. Every element present on your landing page must align with that goal. If anything goes off track, your visitor may not understand the intent and will get confused too.  

Do not make your landing page a multiple-choice question. Do not give them the choice. Give them one option at a time. Make them feel comfortable and confident when they reach out to your landing page. 

As per the research, over 68% of businesses have 5 or more CTA’s whereas landing pages with just one CTA shows higher conversions. 

You Write A Lot 

You Write A Lot in landing page

People do not have enough time. Your landing page should not have enough text. Remember you do not have to write a novel on a landing page. You do not have to show your general knowledge, so please abstain from writing jargons. Your visitors are normal humans, who may not understand the technical language. 

How to fix it? 

Write only for the one offer. Say only what you want your offer to say. Write short sentences, use simple vocabulary, and if possible, use bullet points.  

Make your content easy on the eyes to scan. Research says that 79% of people scan the web page and only 16% read word-to-word.

So, your aim should be to target the audience present in abundance.  

Mismatched Message  

Do not give different message on ad and the landing page separately. Keep them in sync. Your visitor reaches the landing page after seeing your ad. So, message on the both must be consistent. Else your visitors may think, they bought a ticket to the US, but the plane landed to Greece.  

The tone, message, and design should go in accordance with the ad that brings visitors to the landing page. 

How to fix it? 

Consistency is the key! 

Your message, the offer should be the same. Carry your theme, design, text, font, colour, every little detail to the landing page as well. Make your landing page specific to each ad campaign you run and design. 

“Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page,” says Oli Gardner.  

Imagine you start a conversation on human emotions and suddenly change the topic mid-way. What will happen? The listener will get zoned out.  

Same happens with the landing page as well. So, stay on one point and drag it all through the elements of the campaign.  

You Get Too Personal 

If your landing page asks personal information beyond a point, your visitor may leave. No one would give you their personal information unless you prove them it is for their good. Do not ask their home address, mother’s name, father’s name in exchange for a whitepaper, guide or any gated content. 

How to fix it? 

“The value of what you ask for should match the value of what you offer” 

If you are offering a free book, do not seek information that leaves the visitor questioning themselves why would you need this.  

Your job with the landing page is to make the visitor feel confident about themselves. They should feel safe and secure while they give their information.  

Confusing Call-To-Action 

Your CTA may be too vague to attract or it may not be quite clear enough to lead to a conversion. 

A boring, over-used CTA will not help. For instance, download now, buy now, etc., can do more harm than any good, if these fail to explain on what should the visitor expect. 

How to fix it?  

Multiple CTA’s will confuse the visitor. Have just one CTA. Make your CTA button stand out. Give it a different, bright colour. Let your CTA be in sync with the offer. Be specific. For instance, if you are offering a guide, do not just say download now. Instead say download the guide. Stay relevant and use powerful language. Look into the practices to design high-converting landing pages (Link of the blog – How to design high-converting landing pages?) 

Your Landing Page is Dead Pan  

Sorry! It may sound rude, but let the truth be told.  

Your landing page should be full of expressions. By this, I don’t mean you have to add emojis. But your statements, CTA, and the content should be such that it creates urgency, importance. It should trigger the person to act immediately. Your content should not allow them the time to think.  

How quickly the visitor responds and acts on the landing page defines the success. 

How to fix it? 

Use the principle of scarcity, urgency, etc. When people are given timelines and deadlines, they act fast. You have to do exactly the same. All you need is to persuade the visitors and convince them that acting at the moment will be the best choice they would ever make. 

Do it like this: 

  • Limited offer  
  • Time-bound reminder  
  • Rare, and scarce   

Rest Only After Taking the Test 

Running the ad campaign with a landing page that has not been tested may prove to be one of the biggest mistakes. All your hard work would go in vain if you do not conduct A/B testing. This user experience research methodology is important before you allow your landing page to go live. 

A/B testing may help in bringing accurate results. The changes it suggests can be applied to optimize the landing page. 

How to fix it? 

To get more accurate results, test one variable of the landing page at a time. See how the changes help or hurts the conversions. Do not change more than one element because if you do, you may not know what worked and what did not. The more data you collect through A/B testing, the more you will be able to optimize the landing page.

Designing a landing page is of utmost importance but doing it perfectly is even more vital. Once the page is designed, the final step of taking it through the test should not be ignored either. 

Importance of landing pages should not be underestimated, for these are highly responsible for bringing in leads, and generating revenue. 

In order to get more leads, businesses may even require the help of the lead generation company. If you are looking forward to increasing conversions, reach out to the best lead generation agency, The Big Unit in Australia.  

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