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Real Estate Lead Generation Through Google Ads 

Thinking to advertise your home or property? Go nowhere other than to the GOOGLE. Here’s why! 

More than 80% of people reach Google to search for any information. It is no surprise that the same goes for the real estate industry too. More than ever, the pandemic has pushed real estate agents to create endless leads for themselves through real estate marketing. It includes email marketing, content marketing, google ads marketing, video marketing, and so on.  

Each of these digital marketing strategies helps in generating real estate leads, bringing high ROI, and developing a strong customer base. 

Now, let us first talk about the platform that houses every information – Google.  

We all reach out to Google to extract information. So, it must not surprise you that it is a place where you get over 259 million unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily interactions.  

The interactions happen in several ways like blogs, videos, news, images, and Google Adwords, rebranded in 2018, and renamed Google Ads. 

Types of Google Ads 

The realtors can run different ad campaigns as described below: 

Search Ad Campaign 

google Search Ad Campaign in melbourne

These are the text ads that are displayed on the Google results page. For example, search for the best real estate marketing agency in Australia and on the top will be your Google ad results. 

If you get this ad for your real estate business, you will benefit in a way that your ad will be placed where most people look for the information on Google. It will show your ad in the same format as others (without denoting it as an ad) so users end up seeing and clicking it, thereby generating results.  

Display Ad Campaigns 

google Display Ad Campaigns 

Google has its own network of websites in different industries. Audiences from different niches can opt for display Google Ads, also known as Google Display Network. The website owner is paid per click or impression on the ad. Advertisers benefit from getting their content in front of audiences that are aligned with their personas. The display ads are usually the image ads. These draw more attention, more than the content on the page.  

Video Ad Campaign 

real estate lead through video ads campaign

These are the ads displayed before or after and sometimes in the middle of the YouTube videos. YouTube is also a search engine. Placing the right keyword will bring your video on the top.  

App Ad Campaign 

App Ad Campaign 

Google app campaigns help in promoting your business through ads displayed on the Google Search Network, Google Play, YouTube, Google Display Network, and more. If you have a business mobile application, you can encourage your clients to install your real estate app and use it for day-to-day updates. Unlike other ad campaigns, you don’t have to design an app campaign. Instead, give your app information to the Google, and place a bid. Rest of the work is done by Google and your application gets the right attention. 

To get either of the above campaigns run in a successful manner, it is essential for real estate agents to get Google ad services from the best digital marketing agency.  

Reasons Real Estate Agents Must Advertise on Google 

  • One of the biggest benefits of running Google ads is that its results are measurable.  
  • Everything is transparent. If any activity happens on your website or on your ad, you will get notified and you will be able to track the record.   
  • You can fine tune your ads in case you do not see any activity. Adjustment in your SEM strategy will give you the best return on investment (ROI). 
  • You get a complete control on how to spend your money. You are free to choose how much you want to spend per month, per day, or per ad. 
  • Another benefit is that Google AdWords is based on PPC i.e., pay per click system, which means you only pay when your ads get clicks. 

How can we help? 

The Big Unit is the top digital marketing service provider agency in Australia, specializing in real estate marketing. If you are a real estate agent looking forward to generating leads through Google Ads, reach out to us. Our team of digital marketing experts will help you achieve your goals. Please get in touch to find out more about us.  

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