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Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

Generating leads is important for the growth of any business. But at the same time, it may prove be one of the most challenging things, especially with modern SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization. This is because today lead generation requires high-value content. Meeting this demand is vital as it does not only develop trust, but also brings in desired results in the form of leads and sales.  

In order to understand the process of lead generation through content, first let us learn the difference between modern SEO and old SEO.   

Modern SEO vs Old SEO  

The modern SEO is more ROI focused. It helps in engaging people with the brand, its products, and services. Old SEO was just based on ranking keywords. Now, the competition is fierce and most businesses find it hard to generate leads through content.  

Advertising may have been a decades-old method for promoting products, and services, but today blogging has topped the chart. It is the primary path that businesses use to generate leads by using different social media platforms.  

Since every social media channel is different to others, the content also varies accordingly. Different type of content generates different number of leads. 

So, to say, content is the king and if the king fails to act, your business will fail to get sales leads. With the right content, you will be able to promote your business on social media channels in an easy manner.   

Steps To Generate Inbound Leads with Content 

Now we know the importance of social media, right content for generating pipeline of leads, let us dive right into the steps that you must take to get inbound leads.  

In-depth Market Research 

Research is an integral part of marketing. To understand the market conditions, demands, and the trends, it is important to conduct research. Without proper market research, you may not be able to take smart decisions. So, carry out extensive research not as an option but as a necessity.  

If you do not conduct research, you will never know what type of content is in demand, what are your customers looking for, and most importantly, what are your competitors doing. Besides this, you may even stay aloof from the trending keywords.  

For the content to bring in effective results, it is vital for you to keep a track of primary, secondary, and commercial keywords. Keywords will help you to understand your target audience and if you are well aware of who your audience is, you will never have a hard time creating content that converts.   

 Commercial keywords are so powerful that if incorporated in the content, these have the potential to result in successful media marketing and high lead generation.  

Once you know the target primary, and secondary keywords, you will know understand your potential customers and attract them accordingly. Subsequently, your content marketing strategies will follow and results will start showing.  

When talking about the method of research, it has still not changed. Yes, it still boils down to knowing what exactly your target audience needs, and where they usually end up looking for answers and that is the search engine (Google).    

Understanding all the above points are essential to creating a content that generates leads, and increases revenue.  

Create Landing Pages That Convert 

It is again essential to create a landing page that performs. Sadly, most landing pages do not perform and many may just get few opt-ins. While others may be capable of attracting much more.  

So, every result depends on the type of landing page. As per research, it has been seen that only one out of five marketers are satisfied with the conversion rate. This happens because of underperforming landing pages.  

Creating a landing page that converts is essential. To do so, understanding the anatomy of landing page is the first thing to consider.  

Here are some of the key elements you must take in consideration while preparing a landing page; usability, attention-grabbing headline, social proof, call-to-action, and stronger visual appeal. 

Email Marketing 

When it comes to customer retention, emails have outshined the social media platforms. Email marketing is creating wonders not just by generating leads, but also by retaining customers. (Link of the blog – Email marketing, its working, and its strategies) If you are reading this and you have a business, then tap into this pool of opportunities. Use different type of emails marketing and make the best of this medium.  

Write Case Studies, Whitepapers 

While writing content, keep social proof in mind. Write what you have achieved, the cases you have solved in the past. No matter how boring case studies might be, it is undeniable that these have become an indispensable tool for businesses.  

To lure right people to your business, it is important to write as many case studies, whitepapers, e-books as possible. 

Cases studies are the best ways to prove your authenticity, show the truth of your point-of-view with statistics and figures. The same goes for the whitepapers and e-books.  

Content Promotion Techniques 

Promoting content is also a part of content creation. After all you write only to promote a business. If your content does not have a promotional value, it will lose its essence and will not be able to generate leads. But our aim is to build a pipeline of sales leads through various types of content.   


If you have a lot of content, then think of the ways to promote them. Else all the content will be as good as dead.  

To promote the content, you will have to reach out to the best content marketing company. The big Unit is one such company that offers all the services that comes under the digital marketing.  

Free feel to contact us and know more about the content marketing and lead generation. 

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