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How to Design High-Converting Landing Pages? 

Landing pages are designed to convert visitors or subscribers into leads. This can be done only when the message is clear, and the navigational path is well-defined. If any of the things go missing, you are more likely to lose your lead.   

Conveying your message loud and clear is the key! 

But wait! Is it the only thing that if adhered to will fulfill the promise? Absolutely no. There are multiple other things too that one must follow while designing a high-converting landing page.  

Today almost every business, small or large is operating digitally, using digital marketing technique, creating landing pages, and what not.  

But are all landing pages resulting to the pipeline of leads?  

Well, the answer is no. Designing a landing page may seem easy, but it has its own credentials that every digital designer must follow.  

Here are some simple yet effective steps that if followed will certainly capture leads.  

Whichever business you are dealing in right now, there is no denying that your landing page would not need a strong call-to-action, social media sharing, and a well-written copy.  

Before we head to the steps, let me first take you through the basics of lead generation landing pages. To know in detail, please check out the blog.

Landing pages help in bringing business even when you are away. But this happens only when the landing pages are well-designed.  

To increase the chances of getting favourable results, you would require to do the following: 

1. Know Your Audience  

It is easier said than done simply because it is difficult to understand those whom you do not know. Then how would do that? The answer is by knowing their pain points. Understanding what they need and what exactly are they looking from your brand.  

Let me take you through an example. If your client wants a new pair of glasses, but you offer him new pair of shoes. Will it even work? Or will your client even entertain you? They won’t.  

Same is the case here. Know what your audience is looking for. When designing a landing page, think about their pain points, and capitalize on them.   

If your landing page has a perfect call-to-action, simple design and clear message that solves the issues of the customers, then you are on a winning side. 

2. Stay Relevant

The only purpose of lead generation landing page is to make the visitor act. So, how would you do that if you confuse your visitor with large-scale data on the pages? Instead, your potential lead would just run away.  

When you give too many options to the visitor to choose from, they get confused. This is what you do not have to do.  

Your landing pages should make the visitor’s experience simple and relevant. Focus on one thing at a time. Make it so compelling that the audience reacts to it immediately.   

By focusing on a single purpose, the chances of getting more conversions increases.  

Remove anything that is redundant and generic. Be more specific and stay relevant.  

Professional lead generation page makers are respected in this manner, for they are well-versed. You can also seek help of the professional lead generation company, the Big Unit, in Australia and leverage from their top-class digital marketing services. 

3. Inform, Educate and Add Value

Your potential customers reach to your business to gain something. So, what is the one thing that you can offer them? It’s anything that adds value to their presence.  

It can be content-rich information for free. It can be in any form like e-books, pdf, video, newsletter, etc. Giving away something for free will not only generate leads, but will also add to the revenue.  

Through landing pages, you get to build your email list via lead magnets. 

What Are Lead Magnets?  

Lead magnets are the content or any information you give away to your visitors for free. The potential customers in return give you their email id, contact number, that adds to your conversion funnel. A valuable lead magnet will rapidly generate leads.  

Giving valuable things for free is an effective marketing strategy. It builds trust, credibility, develops long-term relationship and increases conversions.  

Also, who does not like free gifts? We all do!

1. Use Catchy Title 

However, cliché it may sound, first impression is the last one. Your title will make or break the chances of generating leads.

To be able to draw attention to your lead generation landing page, give a title that hooks readers, and compels them to take a next step i.e., filling up the form. After all, that is the ultimate aim to creating a landing page. Catchy headlines, titles appeal the audience and are a great attention-grabber.

The famous direct response copywriter, Ted Nicholas says that about 73% of your buyer’s decision-making process begins from the title itself. A creative title increases the visitor’s curiosity and shifts them and makes them to want more.  

 2. Add Visuals  

Supporting an adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  

Greal-looking images can add a lot of value to the page. Here’s why you must add attractive images: 

  • Human eye responds to visual content faster. 
  • Around 80% of the people remember what they see.  
  • Visitors spend more time on pages that contains videos and images. 
  • Visuals create a huge positive impact when used for marketing campaigns. 
  • It is easy to understand the information through images than through the text.  

Remember everyone will respond to images in a different manner. If you take images from a third party, for instance, from the stock images, people will get to know. But if you want to appear real and want to boost the sales, take your own photographs.  

3. Use important content above the fold 

The term above the fold comes from the newspaper. The most interesting stories were placed on the top. This was done to sell the newspaper. The readers would see the interesting headline on the top and would want to buy the newspaper. You need to do the same thing with the landing pages. Keep the main elements above the digital folds. This strategy works well as the visitors get the most information in the very beginning.    


Designing a landing page that converts is not a matter of a day or two. It takes time, requires skill, money, resources, and above all creativity. The above points are not necessarily mandatory. Many a times, the copy does the magic and if not, then add images. You need to figure out what works and what does not work because there is no set formula. But with the help of the professionals, you can always drive results. 

Contact the Big Unit, the best lead generation company in Australia. We have proven lead generation strategies that converts, bring in pipeline of leads, and generates revenue. Do not believe our words. Just give us a chance to serve you and see the results.    

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