How To Create Lead Magnets? 

Unaware of what lead magnets are, your visitors may have downloaded multiple up until now. These are common in inbound lead generation marketing simply because lead magnets work and bring in excellent results. 

Let us first understand the concept of lead magnets. 

What are Lead Magnets?    

Offering anything of value to your prospect in exchange of the information like contact number, email address, etc. For instance, free guides, e-books, whitepapers, case studies, are some of the lead magnets that provide the prospects with the information they look for. This is also known as gated content. The ultimate goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of leads.

A simplified guide to lead generation

Why Do You Need a Lead Magnet? 

The simple answer to this question is that it makes marketing easy, simple, and effective. If you have to grow your business online, you would require leads. Gone are the days when businesses used to grow through word of mouth or through traditional methods. Today, if you want to see your business rising, the only way you can do it is by generating leads.  

Getting an email id of the prospects is equivalent to earning gold. Once you have the email id, you have the key to converting your potential customer into the final sales leads.  

Now, all this is done with the help of the lead generation funnel. This funnel is created using relevant information, of which lead magnets are a part. 

Generating leads is not that simple because people usually do not feel safe sharing their email ids. To convince them, you need to offer them something of value. This is the point when lead magnets jump in.  

A lead magnet should be such that it grabs the attention of the buyer persona and offers real value. By giving them a free offer, you pique their interest and start to build a relationship. But if the lead magnet is underwhelming, lead magnet can have an opposite effect. This article is about saving your efforts and helping you create a landing page with an effective lead magnet.  

Steps To Create a Lead Magnet  

An experienced marketer will always get to know the difference between a well-presented and a poorly built lead magnet.  

To get effective results, your lead magnets need to be focused. These must be created with a purpose and it should be – Whom is the lead magnet serving? By this, now let us see how to create a purposeful lead magnet. 

Choose Buyer Persona  

The biggest mistake marketers make is that they choose to target a wider audience at once. In this case, they aren’t able to reach anyone. All you need to do is the opposite. Choose a certain section of people. Instead of broadening, you need to narrow the focus. Your lead magnet should be ultra-specific according to the people you want to attract. The lead magnet should be relevant to the buyer’s persona. If it fails to match the buyer’s persona, your potential leads are less likely to download the lead magnet. In the beginning, you can create a common lead magnet and use that for a specific audience first and later on for the other set of audiences.  

Know Your Value Proposition 

Once you know the prospects you are targeting, you have to offer them something of value. What you offer them should be useful to the prospects and add value to their knowledge. The number of leads your Lead Magnet generates for you will be directly be connected to the promise you make to the prospective leads.  

The best value propositions are needed by the buyer’s persona. This is something that your buyer’s persona needs. So, if they need this, there will be less persuasion on your part. So, your job is to figure out what they need not what they want. You do not have to offer them anything which is big or expensive. Even a small e-book or a few days’ courses will also do the job. Remember you have to be specific. Just find common issues your buyer personas face and give them a solution through your lead magnet. The quicker you give them a solution to an issue, the better. If you fail to provide them with quick results, they will not take enough time to shift to another website.  

Give A Catchy Name   

By now, you know what you want and what your buyer persona expects. Now is the time to name your lead magnet. Give your value proposition a name that appeals to the buyer’s persona. It is no different from writing an effective headline for a blog post, or a click-worthy subject line of the email. A good title of your lead magnet can bring in unexpected conversions. The title should be catchy, impressive, and clear enough to persuade the potential buyer to click on the CTA. 

The Type of Lead Magnet You Will Offer

Determining the type of lead is equally important because if your potential customer needs to understand lead generation through email marketing, your lead magnet should be providing the same. Give exactly what your buyer persona needs. This is the step where you will decide which lead magnet to use, for example, an e-book, a whitepaper, a report, or anything else. Your lead magnet should have all these qualities, like keep it simple, talk about the strength of your brand, and prioritize rapid consumption. 

Create A Lead Magnet 

All of the above is part of strategizing. Now, this is the stage where you will finally create a lead magnet. As a quick recap, focus on whom to offer service and the value proposition you are giving. Keep things simple and straightforward.  


Without a lead magnet, your buyer will neither be able to offer you the personal information nor will you get leads. Generating lead magnets is essential for getting conversions for your business. There are different types of lead magnets. It is on you to decide which one you should use based on the need of your buyer’s persona. 

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