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How Do Landing Pages Generate Leads?

Inviting prospects by building their interest in your product and service is how we simply describe the lead generation process. A simplified guide to lead generation will take you into the depth of the process. The process is carried out through various channels by using multiple methods.  

Businesses using digital marketing strategies are leveraging from one of its methods i.e., by creating purposeful landing pages. 

A Landing page is the web page designed exclusively to bring in leads. Amid the large-scale data available on your business website, it is the landing page that sets apart and helps in the long-term and continuous lead generation.   

Difference between a normal web home page and a landing page: 

A Web Home Page A Lead Generation Landing Page 
Front page of the business website Anywhere in the website  
Home page traffic comes from many sources  Traffic comes from ads 
These promote website browsing These promote a single goal 

Now that we know the difference, let’s see the purpose of landing pages, how do they work and what is the conversion process like.  

Working of a Lead Generation Landing Page  

  • Your visitor sees a call-to-action and ends up on the landing page. It will have a form that will have certain columns; email, contact number, and name.  
  • The visitor will fill the form. He/ she will become your lead.   
  • You have the information of your lead through the form. That becomes your database. 
  • You market or promote the service to the lead based on what you know about them.   
  • With the help of marketing automation tools, you will be able to know what offer the lead converted on and all about their online browsing behavior.   

Now you know everything about your lead. Use this information to nurture, and care in a more targeted way. How? By using digital marketing methods

At this stage, you will have a nurtured lead. This lead is more likely to become a marketing qualified lead (MQL). This will further move to the digital marketing funnel faster

At this point, high ROI is promised and long-term customer relation.  

Getting conversion through the landing page is like a give and take relation. A sort of a barter system. First, you offer your visitors valuable content, service, or anything that they are looking for. In return, they will provide you, their information. This is exactly how the world works. This is how the leads are generated.  

Things you need to know before creating a landing page 

Before you create a landing page, make sure you put in extensive research into the subject. Also, before heading to make a perfect landing page, cover the following things: 

The Buyer’s Persona 

Before creating a landing page, do your market research on the current customer data, their behaviors, and what they think about a certain service or a product. Once you do that, you will understand your target audience. Remember to create a landing page focused on one persona at a time. Just narrow your focus and then decide the content tailored on that specific niche. By targeting one kind of audience, your landing page will be able to drive more leads and conversions.  

The Offer  

An offer is something you give your visitors to add value to their presence on the landing page. It can be anything; a good e-book, whitepaper, any guide, newsletter, etc. These must be downloadable and provide detailed information on what your visitor wants. Remember, it is all about “what your visitors get”, instead of “what you give to them”. Let it address the pain points that your buyer is looking forward to address.  

Understanding Buyer’s Journey 

This is equally important. Buyer’s journey is the research process that a potential buyer goes through that it leads to a purchase. The buyer’s journey is broken into three stages: 

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration  
  • Decision  

This is also called the lead generation funnel. Each stage in the funnel requires different content. To know more about the lead generation funnel, read out blog.

Other than the above, here are some points that you must consider while creating a perfect landing page.  

  • Write a compelling headline 
  • Write in bullet points 
  • Create a simple, understandable form 
  • Remove site navigation 
  • Add attractive images 
  • Add testimonials, if required 
  • Give clear instructions 

Not going into the numbers, and the figures but it is safe to say that considerable number of businesses are not able to earn conversions. They complain about low conversion rates. No matter which business you are in, you would need a compelling landing page to earn leads, increase ROI, and retain customers.   

Making a landing page is neither a rocket science, nor it has any set formula. All you would need to do is test, experiment and see what works for your business.  

However, there are some simple tips that one must keep in mind while making landing pages that converts.  

Take Away 

  • Be crisp, and sharp 
  • Do not beat about the bush 
  • Come directly to the point 
  • Proof read the content 
  • Check the CTA 
  • Check the offer 
  • Test your landing page before finalizing  
  • Proof reading is must 

Keep all points in mind while creating a lead generation landing page. It will give you proven results if created properly. To generate a pipeline of leads, your business would need a landing page that converts. To know more about writing an effective landing page,

If you are a business owner and wants a landing page that continuously brings in desired results, outsource the work to the top lead generation company, The Big Unit in Australia. 

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