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Get A Marketing Funnel for A Better Customer Journey 

As much as digital marketing strategies offer numerous benefits to businesses. It is also important to know the main concepts that build a strong foundation for mass communication.  

There is no dearth of resources, neither tools nor strategies. But only those who learn to use them effectively succeed. 

Safe to say that only those online marketing strategies work which are based on concrete digital marketing funnel. 

What is Digital Marketing Funnel? 

It is a strategic model that represents the whole buying journey of the personas, right from knowing your brand till the time they become your potential customers.  

Here are six main strategies that form a complete digital marketing funnel.  

  • Exposure  
  • Discovery  
  • Consideration  
  • Conversion  
  • Customer Relationship 
  • Retention 

The Big Unit, the best digital marketing agency, ardently follows this funnel, gives competitors a tough fight, and brings in desired results.  

Why Is It Important?  

The funnel concept is crucial to the success of all digital marketing strategies. Following these funnel steps will offer a number of benefits like: 

  • It allows you to perform a better segmentation of the marketing actions, directing content, ads, other strategies with messages. 
  •  Since the steps are strategized, the marketing results are efficient, deliver qualified leads, and make the conversion challenge easy. 
  • With the correct use of the funnel, you get closer to the customers and build a relevant journey. 
  •  Increase productivity. The digital marketing content is produced using the right strategy at the right time, hitting the right target audience.  
  • Every stage gets the most appropriate content. This helps to reach out to the right audience. 

Our team of seasoned digital marketing professionals takes a broader view of each stage of the funnel, which allows the customer journey to flow smoothly from one stage to another.  

Content For Each Stage of the Funnel 

Every step in the digital marketing funnel is separated by its unique content type. Check it out! 


This forms the first and the foremost step which prompts a business to start operations on the online platform. No matter which digital marketing funnel you use for your business, you will have to start it with exposure. If your business, for instance, a real estate business will not have an online presence. There is no way your potential and existing clients will find you on the internet. So, what better way than promoting and advertising your brand on the right platforms?   


Now that you have built an online presence, the next step is to focus on producing content that encourages your visitor to stay on your social media page, or the website. The Big Unit’s digital marketing strategies will not only help your visitors to discover your brand but will also help them discover the services and solutions you offer. The end goal of this stage is to turn your visitors into leads. This may seem easy, but to convert visitors into leads, you would require rich, informational, and engaging content. To get the same, you may have to reach out to the best lead generation company. 


In this stage, your clients look for solutions your brand can offer them. They decide to stick to you because they think your company, your brand, has a solution to their problem. So, it is the primary job of a digital marketing company to deliver materials that facilitate the client’s decision-making process. At this stage, you already know a little more about the leads and know exactly what your clients want. In this stage, you need to present strong facts and state figures that prove the efficiency of your solutions. You can do this by presenting FAQs (frequently asked questions).  


It is time to help your clients make a final decision. This is the stage where you will have to focus more on personalized content like campaigns. For instance, you can use sponsored links and draw the attention of users to the specific landing pages and focus more on conversion. In this stage of the digital marketing funnel, it is necessary to focus on the end results.  

Customer Relationship  

After establishing lead generation, the next step is to get closer to the current customers. In this step, you will teach your client how to use the solution to solve their issues. The closer your customer gets, the more competitive the advantage. To be successful in this stage, it is vital to adopt strategies like email marketing. To know about it, reach out to the services page of the Big Unit.  


The process does not end here. It is the time when you have to think about the final actions and focus the content on retaining your customer. To make it happen, you will have to analyze and monitor the communications with your leads on a daily basis.  

Creating an effective digital marketing funnel for your business is fundamental to creating an impact in the cut-throat marketing competition. 

With so many benefits of promoting your business online, it is necessary to apply and know all the concepts involved in digital marketing.  

To know how to create content for your digital marketing funnel, contact the team of the Big Unit, Melbourne.  

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