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Best Practices to Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages are made with the aim to bring in leads and delight the customers. 

What is Landing Page Optimization? 

landing page optimization

Optimization means to enhance something. Landing page optimization means improving every element to generate conversions.  

 Optimization does not mean redesigning the entire page from scratch. It means that you can collect the information and before the page goes live, you conduct a survey and make required changes.  

Making a perfect landing page in a day is not possible. It takes time and it is quite okay. But at the same time, you must not take it lightly because a well-designed landing page can get you pipelines of leads, whereas those which are not professionally made can bring losses.   

Once you design a landing page, it is suggested to push the page live, make changes, analyze the data, and then observe the conversion rate.  

Now, let us see the best practices that would help in making result-oriented landing pages.  

Best Practices to Enhancing Conversions 

If you want to enhance your business website conversion rate, prefer optimizing the landing pages. With the help of best practices and strong data, you can optimize the landing page for the greater good of the business.  

The process begins with page designing and continues until the page goes live. Consider it like building a product. You cannot get a perfect landing page in a single day. The process is akin to building a product. You do not design the perfect product in a day. Instead, you might have to create 100 prototypes before you get a perfect product design.  

A similar process goes for landing pages, It takes time. Must be made keeping in mind the audience. It must lure the customers so that they eventually turn into the sales lead.  

Bring Clarity in The Offer  

Joe Chernov once said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart, but great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” 

If you want to boost your conversion rates, use this wisdom. When you think of optimizing the landing page. Start with a strategy. Think of how you can make the customer feel better with your product and service. Make them feel confident, smart, excited, and inspired by your product or service.  

Bringing clarity means focusing on one goal at a time. Narrow your focus and turn that into a headline. When your copy is clear, your customer will not get confused, will stay motivated of availing yourself of the service.   

Simplify the entire landing page  

A simple landing page may seem plain and less attractive but the one with the less visual clutter puts across the message effectively. Your aim with the landing page is to convert the visitor into a customer. Your focus should be on the final action i.e., call to action. The clearer the message, the customers are less likely to ignore the CTA.  

Use Contrasting, Attractive Colors 

The landing page that makes use of bright, contrasting colors is more likely to earn attention. The great landing pages do that. When adding the CTA, make sure the color is pronounced and clearer. for instance, you can give your CTA a red color to make it stand out from the rest. Not just this, the headline should make a mark so that it sends the message to the visitor clear and loud.  A cluttered landing page will only add to the confusion. Do not do that. Just bring in simplicity and see how the landing page shows the results.  

Important things on the top, or above the fold 

This term has been derived from the newspaper. The important news is carried on the front page and the most enticing stories are placed above the fold. This is done to attract the reader and force them to buy the newspaper. This is exactly what you have to do with the landing page. Keep the most important message above the fold. Most people nowadays use smartphones and tablets. Just scroll and identify the location of the fold. Keep the headline, a brief copy, the CTA, and on the top and in the center.  

Show Scarcity  

“Limited time”, “limited quantity”, two are the most common marketing strategies. Scarcity compels the visitors to act immediately. For instance, if you go to a shop to buy something and you are told that just one piece is left. You would rather buy it the same day than risk losing it. So, the same goes for the landing pages too.   

Offer limited for one day, or just the last product left. These are some of the most effective strategies. Apply the same on your website by offering valuable lead magnets, like a free webinar, two-days short courses, limited-offer discounts, and so on. You can even add a countdown timer to show visual scarcity. It tells the visitor about how long the offer will last and until when can they act.  

Keep your CTA button straightforward 

Never forget the goal of the landing page. It is to attract the visitors and lure them to just press the CTA button. So, make sure the button is clear, and concise. The Call-to-Action button should not stress out or even confuse the potential customer. Stay away from the fancy language or anything that is complex. Just be simple in the approach, and use the following; join now, download the guide for free, and so on. This is simple but quite effective. Anything fancy will push away the potential customers.  

Give contact information 

By adding the contact information, you offer your visitors credibility. Put your phone number, email id on the landing page. You can even add links to your help centers too. This shows that you think of your customer and have something to add value to the potential customer. If you do not give such information, they may think you are just another one to embezzle them.  

Variety: Try different headlines  

Even though the visuals and images attract people more. The text has its own magic. The text still matters. People do read what is written and if it resonates with them, they also act. If you think the text does not work, you can even test it through the A/B testing method.  

What is the A/B testing method? 

ab testing in landing page

It is a split testing marketing method that allows you to test one element of the landing page at a time by comparing two versions. To know more about it in detail, read the blog, A simplified guide to the A/B testing  

Consistency is the key! 

Staying consistent throughout the ad and the landing page is the key. What you write, and say on the ad should be the same as what you say on the landing page. Visual consistency makes a whole lot of difference in conversion rates. 

Let’s say, you run a Facebook Ad which takes people to your landing page. Here you should keep the text, image, and other elements the same. If your ad says something else and your landing page says the other thing, you will end up confusing the customer.   

Add testimonials for a social proof 

Social proof is needed to build trust and confidence. It will show your potential audience that your products and services are great and offers credibility.   

As a business owner, you would want your potential customers about the previous ones who have used your product and services.  How would you do that? Through testimonials. Use video reviews or feedback. You can even add quotes to keep it short, crisp, and effective. 

Do It For SEO 

People find landing pages through organic searches. Your landing page must be SEO optimized. It means your page should have enough keywords. Add them in the title, and the copy.     

Use an exit popup  

popup in website landing page

Well, this gives you another opportunity to create a conversion. When the visitor decides to leave the landing page, and the exit pop-up arrives, it allows you a chance to keep the visitor on the page for few more minutes.  

Use compelling visual imagery, direct CTA text, and a strong headline to get users to click. Incentivize the exit popup with a special discount or any other effective offer. 

Do not ignore this ever! Conduct A/B testing  

The more you test your landing page, the more are the chances for your data to get correct. As the process is time-consuming, it allows you to test each variable individually and brings in assured results in the form of leads and conversions. Read and know about the A/B test in detail.  

Running an ad campaign without an effective landing page will be like going fishing without the fishing rod. Similarly, creating a landing page that does not result in conversion is just a waste of time and effort. So, to get a perfect landing page, you may want to reach out to the best lead generation company, the Big Unit in Australia.  

Come, avail yourself of the services and see your business taking new heights. 

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