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All About Branding for Real Estate

Technological advancements and the power of the internet have levelled the playing field for most. Real estate is not an exception. This has led to the need for a creative and result-oriented real estate branding strategy that is more important than ever if you want to stand out. 

Today, the consumers are market-savvy, and the brand’s authenticity, social proof and the human connections drive their purchasing behavior and decisions.  

Buying real estate involves a huge investment. We all want to buy real estate from the companies or the agents who we trust and on whom we can rely.   

The buyers of real estate reach out to the brands they can trust, have confidence in and those who deliver integrity, knowledge and open communication. 

While this suggests that the real estate brokerages must leverage from their real estate agents’ personal brands to win over the buyers, the importance of branding cannot be ignored.  

Without the support of strong, and robust real estate branding, putting effective communication into practice can prove to be a challenge.  

What is Branding for Real Estate? 

What is Branding for Real Estate

To understand branding for real estate, it is important for you to know the definition of a brand.   

A brand is a summation of the feelings and experiences an individual associates with a real estate agent. Many components come together to build a real estate brand such as the brand logo, font, color and style. Branding is not just about including visual components but it has a lot to do with real estate values, reputation, processes and unique value proposition. 

Gone are the days when branding was done using traditional means and brand owners focused only on the visual elements. Now, the field has widened and it is no longer a one-man show. To do branding, real estate agents require professionals who can take care of branding as well as marketing that is followed after it. For instance, the Big Unit is one such branding and digital marketing agency in Dandenong that you can contact and get the work started.     

Building Real Estate brands for Agents, Not Just for Clients? 

Real estate is a dynamic profession. If you have a real estate brand, it will not just be for your present clients but for the potential clients as well. Besides, it is also for real estate agents.   

Think about it   

If your real estate brand is your story, then your agents have to see themselves as players in that story. Where have you come from, who’s your target audience, what is your niche etc.  

All of the above are a part of your brand story. Real estate agents need to relate to this brand before they can see it as valuable. Ask yourself this – Is your brand telling any story? Is your brand resonating with them?  

Of course, the real estate agents carry their own personal brand with them, which adds a new layer of complexity because if they cannot combine with their personal brand with their brokerage brand, it will get really difficult to maintain the brand compliance. 

This will not only make the brand compliance suffer, but also your retention rates. If staying on-brand is too much work for your real estate agents, they might leave for a better opportunity.   

Our advice as the best branding and digital marketing agency is to cultivate a real estate brand that is consistent.  

Ensure that the core elements of your real estate brand should always remain the same, but in other areas, it should also give your real estate agents the opportunity to add a personal touch.   

Our team of experts can customize your brand logo, colour, fonts as per your individual choices.  

Building Real Estate Brands for Clients 

Building Real Estate Brands for Clients 

Now let us look into the other side of the equation—building real estate brands for clients. For a real estate agency to become a brand, it needs to:  

  1. Hold a strong footing in the marketplace. 
  1. Stand out from the market. 

So, it is no surprise that real estate agencies and agents look for ways to stand out above the pack. 

When we talk about national real estate brokerages, they usually have the advantage when it comes to brand awareness and legacy. Because these have been there for decades, have achieved high visibility and built-up good brand reputations.  

In order to preserve this goodwill, it is important to protect the brand from poor design and off-brand marketing.   

On the other hand, independent and local brokerages might have a leg up here—because they are small and can adapt quickly. They also get the home-field advantage when it comes to fitting into the community and understanding the neighbours.  

Our experts at the Big Unit leverage all the above knowledge to create a trustworthy and recognizable brand.  

Key Takeaway 

Although real estate is more competitive than any other profession, it is possible to pull ahead with a strong, consistent brand. When your branding is consistent, it becomes easier to innovate and branch out to new technologies without diluting your message. By telling a brand story that resonates with the clients, the brokerage lays the foundation for success.   

Branding Techniques for Real Estate 

To balance the brokerage brand with the realtor’s personal brand, our team of branding professionals develop a system for creating content at scale and storing it in a central hub that everyone can access. 

Consistency is the key in branding, but as the number of channels continues to grow, it is now becoming increasingly difficult for brokerages to manage. 

By taking a hands-on approach to producing top-level brand assets and distributing them as well, you are giving your agents resources they need to develop a personal brand without even breaking from the brokerage’s branding. 

Branding and digital marketing departments need ultimate control when it comes to producing content, but giving agents the flexibility to adapt and personalize that content is the way forward. The best part is our experts at work understand it very well and work on similar lines and principles. 

We make sure that our branding strategies work for the long-term and develop a strong brand for you.  

Real Estate Branding Content Ideas 

Today, digital spaces are much more than online brochures. Publishing photos of properties might seem appealing but it is not enough if you have to play big. 

The Big Unit branding experts move past publishing, but look for ways to add value, be informative and provide inspiration. 

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your website and social media channels by putting our result-oriented ideas into practice.   

Here’s a glimpse of how we do it. 

Tell Stories that Engages  

More than just showing off the building or the rooms inside it, we make sure the content is engaging. Our team of graphic designers, content writers, SEO experts work in coordination, tap into the right audience and understand what works and what does not. 

Demonstrate the Knowledge and Give Buyers a Head-Start 

We give your audience a reason to trust you by providing them with answers to the questions they have regarding real estate. 

The key here is to ensure you are adding true value and not just pushing out sales messages disguised as advice. We put your real estate clients at the forefront of your mind when creating the content.  

Invest in Video and Photography 

Invest in Video and Photography 

We offer video marketing – one of the most effective ways to build and lead a real estate brand to growth.  

In today’s digital-first landscape, where posts containing imagery and video gain the most traction, embracing new media is essential for survival of the brand.  

Involve the Forward-Thinkers 

While looking for ways to support your agents in building personal connections, we strive to find you great opportunities that contribute to your brand. 

All we do is engage your best real estate agents and bring them onboard with the content creation process. Put them in front of the camera for a Question and Answer or discussion, then broadcast it live or record it and use it across social media platforms. 

All the above process is followed by digital marketing practices. Everything from concept to creation is taken care of by the branding experts at the Big Unit, the best branding agency in Dandenong.   

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