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A Simplified Guide to Lead Generation 

Lead generation is the process of inviting customers, creating interest in your products and services. Through robust lead generation strategies, your business gets leads i.e., Potential customers into your marketing system. The process is carried out with an aim to nurture the leads so that they eventually turn into customers.  

All of the above is achieved with the help of a strong lead generation funnel. Building a lead generation funnel is important because of the immense benefits it offers. 

Coming back to the lead generation, let us first see: 

What is lead? 

Any person who shows interest in your product and service is referred to as lead. Communication with the leads often starts by sharing personal information like contact details, email id, etc., which is also known as inbound lead generation. For instance, if someone takes an online survey. The next day, you may contact them and tell them more about the product and service through email or text i.e., personalized communication. You address their issue and they turn into a lead. After this, the process involved is aimed at converting lead into a customer.  

There are different types of leads like, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, product qualified leads, service qualified leads.  

How Lead Generation Works? 

How Lead Generation Works

Lead generation works exactly as the world operates. First, you offer something, then you get something in return. So, you as a business have to offer people some goodies so as to attract them towards your product, and service. It is just like preparing the customer to get involved in your business, sort of warming up.  

Lead Generation Channels   

Here are the ways by which you can drive leads for your business and boost the conversion rate. These are the promotional marketing channels that would help in generating revenue.  

  • Email marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Paid advertisements 
  • Landing pages 

Optimal use of the above channels will help in the growth of the business, bring in sales leads, generate revenue.  

Types of Lead Generation 

There are broadly two types of lead generation: 

  • Inbound 
  • Outbound 

Inbound Lead Generation  

In this type of lead generation, the prospect starts the interaction with your business. This is done with content marketing.  

Inbound Lead Generation

The potential customer will find your information through the search engines, fill the form, download the pdf. From here onwards, you can personalize the communication through emails, texts. This process is called building relationship to turn the potential customer into a sales lead. 

Around 70% of the businesses are now focusing on content marketing after all Content is the King! 

Here are some of the inbound lead generation methods through which you can generate leads: 

  • Blogs  
  • Videos 
  • Images 
  • E-Books 
  • Whitepapers 
  • Newsletters 
  • Press Releases 
  • Pillar Pages 
  • Social Media Posts 

If the content is placed strategically i.e., by following the lead generation funnel, there is no ways your business cannot earn leads.  

Outbound Lead Generation  

Outbound Lead Generation

In this type, you reach the prospects through paid advertisements, direct mail and other channels. Inbound lead generation may have an edge over the outbound lead generation but it is the blend of both which will help in achieving lead generation goals. 

Here are some of the methods: 

  • Print ads 
  • Radio ads 
  • Paid Search Ads 
  • Social Media Ads 
  • Cold emails 

All the options are great in usage but going by the need of the business and making the best of it would do wonders. Now how to use these depends on the strategies like: 

Twitter Lead Generation 

Twitter also allows businesses to capture leads. This is done within the tweet itself. Personal details are automatically pulled itself into the card. By clicking the submit button, one can become a lead. 

Facebook Lead Generation  

Facebook Lead Generation in melbourne

Facebook ads launched in 2007. The businesses shifted their focus on these paid ads and there was a huge change in the way businesses captured the leads.  

LinkedIn Lead Generation 

LinkedIn is a professional platform and many businesses are shifting their focus on this platform. It creates a lead generation form which auto-populates with the information present on profile once they click the CTA. This makes it easy for the businesses to capture the information.  

PPC Lead Generation  

PPC Lead Generation in melbourne

Pay per click- it refers to the ads on the search engine results pages. Its effectiveness is known based on several factors; your budget, target keywords, and so on. 

There are a lot of lead generation companies out there that promise glitz and glamour. Do not get be fooled by them. Look for a lead generation company that helps in driving leads, traffic, and revenue. 

However, this does not stop here. You have to nurture the leads to make them your long-term customer. It takes time. Everything takes time but with consistency and focused lead generation strategies, you can turn the tide in your favour.  

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