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A Simplified Guide to Landing Pages 

It is often said that a well-designed landing page can perfectly increase conversion for your email marketing campaign and PPC. But what exactly are landing pages? How do they manage to bring in leads? These are the queries people are unaware of. 

So, let us first understand the basics of landing pages.  

What Is A Landing Page?   

A landing page is a web page where visitors arrive for a purpose. For a business, it is made to gather information, or make the visitor subscribe to a certain service. The purpose of a landing page is to attract visitors, convert them into customers or collect personal information (Name, Email-id, Contact Number). Then this data is used to promote sales and initiate marketing or promotion.  

Let me simplify it with an example.  

Imagine you have a business of home décor items. Christmas is around the corner and you have to sell scented candles. You create a Facebook ad and promote it. If you do not create a landing page, your visitors will reach out to your web home page. They may get lost while searching the scented candles. To make it easier for your potential leads, it is important for you to create a landing page.  

It is a separate web page that is designed specifically to attract more customers to one product that you have thought to sell.     

Its individuality is the beauty of a landing page. It helps in converting your visitors into customers.  

Businesses are resorting to making landing pages. Why? Because these are effective and definitely brings in results. But is it that every business uses the same landing page? No. It depends on the services and the products a business offers.  

Types of Landing Pages 

Types of Landing Pages in website

There are two types of landing pages. Based on the objectives and business model, you can choose the landing page accordingly. However, both the types are widely used for marketing. Let’s see what are these: 

The “Click-Through” Landing Page 

These are the landing pages without a form. It acts as an intermediary between your ad and the e-commerce cart. It is used to warm-up visitors to qualify them as visitors before finally making them a customer. While warming up the visitor, you add a unique value proposition before sending them into the deeper marketing funnel.  

The “Lead Generation” Landing Page 

Lead Generation Landing through page 

This landing page is made to gather information from the potential customer, called “prospects” or “leads”. The landing pages include a form which contains email id, contact number, name) followed by a sales pitch or a striking value proposition. Through the landing page, you offer a service to the visitor in exchange for their information. The aim is again the same, collect the information, pitch them later on and try to convert them into sales leads.  

Characteristics of a Well-Designed Landing Page 

Now that we know landing pages are the web pages. Not all web pages are the landing pages. A perfect landing page is the one that has definite characteristics like: 


A simple web page may not have a form, but a landing page will have one. A good form must have the following features: 

  • Attractive  
  • Clear Visibility 
  • Simplicity 
  • Quick, easy-to-read 

A Value Proposition 

Your landing page should offer something of value to you. The perfect landing page will be the one that clearly explains the benefits of the services and the products. It should add value to the prospect. For instance, you can offer something in exchange like e-books, whitepapers, free trial, webinar, etc. These offerings will help in converting the lead into customer.  

Straight on Point 

Your landing page must be able to lure a visitor just in 3 seconds. Remember your visitor will not spend a lot of time on your page if it does not clarify the message. The message should be straight on point, streamlined, and easy to read. Cluttered landing page will only cause distraction.  

Your landing page should answer these questions when a visitor lands: 

  • What is the purpose of me coming here? 
  • How will I get what I need? 
  • Why should I answer the Call-to-Action? 

If your landing page has a lot of words, distractions, images, quotes, it will load slowly. Also, people may leave quite immediately. So, here are the things you must avoid while creating a landing page.

  • Large font of texts 
  • Little or no whitespace.  
  • A lot of images 
  • More than one offer 

Less Navigation 

A landing page is made with the purpose of attracting visitors. So, limit the number of exits from the page. Focus more on completing the action you want your potential customer to perform. For instance, fill a form, describe a product or service, subscribe.  

A Strong Call-To-Action 

A Strong Call To Action 

It may seem quite simple and less important but this is the point you may lose your potential customer. A well-optimized call-to-action is needed for a landing page to be perfect. By highlighting a visible and well-structured button, you increase your chances of getting visitors on the landing page. There are several other parameters too that can help you in converting customers into leads. If you want to know more, check out this blog. (Link of the blog – A guide to creating an effective landing page) While creating a call-to-action, do not ignore the font, font size, and color.  

There is no exact recommendation that would work perfectly for the landing page. That is why content marketers use A/B testing to create a CTA button. You may even have to do the same to search your sweet pot.  

Social Proof 

There would be nothing more compelling than a social proof. If a product or service you are offering already has positive comments, and feedback; add those into the landing page. By having your customers talk about their satisfaction on the landing page can attract more leads. You can add social proof in several forms like testimonials, numbers, graphs, and customer case studies. If possible, make it actionable so that the prospect can see it on the actual web page.  


Your social media ads will fail to bring in results if there is no landing page or if the landing page is not well-designed. To prevent wastage of dollars, it is recommended to get it designed from a professional. You can seek assistance of a top digital marketing company and get exclusive services. The Big Unit is one such company that offers plethora of services.  

A Quick Recap 

  • Be clear and concise 
  • Build trust 
  • Deliver what you say 
  • Make it understandable 
  • Easy to convert 

Chances are you will see great results and a great boost in the performance. But how do landing pages actually bring in leads? This you will see in out next blog. Check it out to know more in detail about the working of a landing page. 

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