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A Guide to Creating a Perfect Landing Page

Is there even a perfect landing page? Absolutely yes! Ask those businesses who yield continuous results from their landing pages.  

As per Marketing Sherpa, about 48% of the marketers create landing pages every time for their new campaign.

Landing pages acts like the nigh raiders. These are designed to capture leads for your business even when you are not around. Creating landing pages is like building a proven system where you speak and appeal to your potential customers in your absence. 

Creating a lead generation landing page that is perfect and drives results is not difficult but certainly depends on number of factors.  

Here are some of the most important things that you must keep in mind while creating a lead generation landing page.   

Testimonials As Social Proof 

Testimonials As Social Proof on landing page

Why would your customers believe in you? What will make them believe that you are true and your services are trustworthy? Well, the testimonials.  

You do not have to do the selling all the time. Let your customers do it for you.  

Don’t believe?  

The figures say that about 92% of people read reviews, check feedback before buying any product.

You might also be one of them. So, when you think of your business, do the same.  

People usually do not look for testimonials unless buying a product or availing any service.  

But there should be testimonials on your business website so that people trust you and your business.  

Professional or High-Quality Images 

Not everyone is a reader but most of the people are visual creatures. Your business website design should be simple, understandable imbedded with high-quality images.  

It goes without saying that first impression is the last impression. Your business website design will drive the first impression.  

Also, it takes just fractions of seconds to either hook visitors or they jump onto the other website.   

So, what’s the key to make your visitors stay? 

Use easy web design, high-quality images and see how visitors stick to your business website like a glue.  

Keep it Simple 

Today people hardly have time to look into the things in detail. The rat race and hectic life-style does not allow anyone much time to read.  

People look for things where they do not have to spend a lot of time understanding them. Anything confusing will be left behind.  

When your visitors reach your landing page, they come up with an expectation that their life will be simplified. So, to say, you will provide them a solution.  

While designing a landing page, make sure you limit the choices so that the visitors can make decisions.   

Do not overload your landing page with a lot of information or do not even give them multiple things to choose from. Keep things simple.  

Use Shorter Forms  

Use Shorter Forms on landing page

Your visitors scrolling to the point that they reach to the form means there is a probability for them to be a lead. But your potential lead may even run half way looking at the longer form.  

People want things to be easy, nice, and Hussle-free.  

You are selling a high-priced product. Obviously, you would need a lot of information but shorter forms require less time to be filled and you will not bother the visitor too.   

There are two rules of thumb that you must follow while creating a form.     

  • Less is better.  
  • Ask for only what you need. 

You may not always have to create a short form. You can go a bit longer too as per the requirement. But being clear on what you need is the most important factor.   

Show Them the Way By Add Directional Cues 

This may sound little odd and tricky, but it is not. 

At this point, remember the reason why you made a landing page. What do you want your visitors to do? 

Convert into a customer? Right? 

It will only be possible when your landing page is simple, easy to navigate to reach the final CTA i.e., Call-To-Action.  

Just add directional cues, arrows to show them the way to the CTA.  

Make a compelling offer 

Save this for the last. Make an offer they cannot refuse. There are a few ways to create an excellent offer. 

  • Keep the price on the top. 
  • Less text, words  
  • Keep it short, sharp and direct 


Creating a landing page is an art and a science. There is no single formula that I would say will work 100% all the time. You may have to design different landing pages, test them and see which works well for your business. The good news is that there are some fundamental principles that form the foundation for the landing pages. The above described are some of the basic things that all business owners must use for their website landing pages.  

I won’t say that the landing pages are easy to make or you will learn this craft overnight. It will take time and so will be the results.  

To get great results, save time and money, it is suggested to get the help of professionals. You can contact the best lead generation company, the Big Unit in Australia.  

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