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5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Is Failing

The term SEO (search engine optimization) seems simple enough, but in reality, it’s a complicated process that requires some time, consistency, and the right expertise to accomplish results. Quite often, entrepreneurs experience disappointment when their SEO strategy fails to convey results. For what reason does this occur? Below are some reasons why your SEO strategy fails to achieve significant results.

Stop Using Outdated Tactics

Stop Using Outdated Tactics

We all know SEO changes every day because Google and other search engines continuously work and update their algorithms from time to time. So, if your SEO strategy is not working correctly, look at the tactics you are using.   


  • Content Machines: – We are not saying that content marketing is completely dead, but if you use low-quality content on your website, it does not work anymore. If users cannot get relevant information from your website, then don’t expect that Google can rank your page on the search engine results page.   


  • Over Keyword Stuffing: – People are using this strategy without knowing that over stuffing keywords may harm their websites and could land you with a google penalty. 
  • Building Poor Backlinks: – Many business owners create numerous backlinks without knowing which link is good and which is terrible. They don’t know that they are implementing a bad SEO strategy and build poor backlinks. Keep one thing in mind that quality matters, not quantity.

Your Website Is Not User Friendly  

SEO can be done in different ways, so if you want to win Google’s attention, you have to work on your onsite tricks and inbound links. If your SEO is incorrect, check your site for the duration of stop time. For example: if a user spends a lot of time on your website, Google will rank your higher. Follow these simple ways to make your website user-friendly.    

  • Improve Site Speed: – Many online shopping portals like Amazon have a fast page loading speed. So, increase your website loading speed to attract more customers. You might be thinking about how you can check the page speed of your website? Just search page speed insights on Google, and it is totally free.   
  • Use Media: – If your website doesn’t have engaging videos, photos, infographics, your SEO efforts will be hurt.   
  • Optimize Your Headlines: Create eye-catching headlines with a direct message and relevant information about the page.

You Are Building Wrong Backlinks

You Are Building Wrong Backlinks

Yes, everyone is building links. So, it is necessary to be aware that you just can’t build old backlinks. One thing to keep in mind is don’t buy links; just build them the right way. Here, we are sharing some tactics that you should avoid.   

  • Link Directories: – Google is not foolish, so stop building links from link directories because Google knows there are thousands of links placed on these directories.   
  • Links In Footers: – Stop linking your external link in footers; this could harm your website.   
  • No Follow Links: – We all know that no follow and do follow both links are important. However, if someone gives you a no-follow link, your website cannot boost that much. So before doing guest posting, make sure that you will get a do-follow backlink in return. Now the question is how will you know that the link is no-follow or do-follow? Just download the chrome extension “No Follow,” and it will mark all no-follow backlinks in red color. 
  • Low DA Website: – If you get many backlinks from Low DA websites, it will not harm your website, but it would not precisely boost your website either, and you will not get that much traffic. So before building backlinks, just download the MozBar extension; you will see DA, PA, spam score, in the upper section of any website.   
  • Irrelevant Topic: – If your website is based upon real estate services and has a link pointing to your website from the travel industry, it will not help you. Maybe they have a good domain authority and are very famous, but the niche is totally different, so it would not make Google see you as a major authority in your industry.   
  • Reciprocal Links: – Reciprocal links are very common amongst top-ranking pages; this is something that usually happens inside an industry. Indeed, reciprocal links are against Google’s guidelines, and hence emails like “if you link to me, I will link to you” you ought to stay away from all costs.   

This is a game of high quality and natural-looking backlinks, so if you don’t have enough time or effort to give, don’t be surprised when your SEO eventually fails.

The Power Of Social Media  

The Power Of Social Media

In 2021, if you are not using social media for SEO campaigns, then you don’t know about the importance of social media. Always stay updated on your all-social media channels, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more. When you share something on social media, it will boost your website traffic and improve Google ranking. Invest time in the topmost famous social media networks as it helps to improve your brand search volume.

Did you know 24% of traffic come from social media? 
Understand Your Target Audience  

social media

SEO is a long process and it can be done step by step. When you follow proper SEO strategies, you will get guaranteed-results on the search engine results page. Good SEO is much more reliable, and it starts with a solid understanding of whom your target audience is and what kind of products and services they are looking for online. The key to SEO success is selecting the appropriate keywords to target the ideal customers and the right SEO techniques for desired results. Don’t you know how it works? Consult the best SEO agency in Melbourne to help you out!

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